Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Board Of Regents Will Form Panel To "Consider Improvements" To Cuomo's APPR Teacher Evaluation System

From the "Putting Lipstick On A Pig" file:

The state Board of Regents will form a panel to consider improvements to the state's new and controversial teacher evaluation system, the board announced during its Monday meeting.

The work group — whose members have not yet been named — will be similar to others empaneled by the Regents. It is separate from the task force recently convened by Gov. Andrew Cuomo to address issues surrounding the Common Core.

Critics of the new teacher evaluation have expressed concern about the weight it affords to the results of standardized student tests. At their September meeting, the Regents approved the evaluation system, but said the current version is in need of amendment before it can be implemented.

One possible change would be the addition of an appeals board that would let teachers contest poor ratings if they stem from standardized test scores.

A "work panel" to "consider improvements" to the fatally flawed APPR teacher evaluation system doesn't seem particularly meaningful to me.

APPR is currently being challenged in court because of wide and irrational swings in the test component part.

That iteration of APPR that is being challenged only has a teacher rated 20% based upon test scores - since then Governor Cuomo pushed through an increase in test score weight on a teacher's APPR evaluation to 50%.

Trying to improve an evaluation system that uses a flawed test score component with wide and irrational swings is, quite frankly, like putting lip stick on a pig and calling it a debutante.

This is more jive, just like the Obama administration announcing they're using the John King 2% rule for testing (I'll have more on that joke later.)

Given that so much weight is put on testing in rating schools and teachers, the 2% rule is meaningless - and until APPR is scrapped and redone completely, whatever "recommendations" the Regents work panel comes up with won't mean much in the grand scheme.


  1. What about NYC and Danielson? Is there even a remote chance that Danielson will be scrapped once a new evaluation is put in place?

  2. The new system removes the local measures? So 50% is just from the state tests? Is that correct?

    When is the Lederman decision expected?

  3. An "appeals board" would be a sad, toothless substitute for the 3020a rights teachers lost in the budget. Convicted felons have a better chance of being pardoned by Cuomo than teachers will of having career-ending ratings overturned. There are zero reasons to believe this will be an impartial board not controlled by Cuomo and his minions.

    1. Sullio has nailed it.

    2. APPR will never survive the legal challenges that are sure to follow any attempt to destroy reputations, careers, and livelihoods. APPR is dead in the legal water.

  4. Two clues that it's bullshit: "form a panel" "consider changes"