Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Cuomo Puppet John Flanagan Is Confident Districts Will Have APPR Evaluation Plans In Place In Next Month

Rumor has it that Andrew Cuomo has his hand up John Flanagan's shirt and is controlling his mouth and his words - sure sounds that way from this nonsense:

Flanagan, meanwhile, said he was concerned with local school districts enacting new teacher evaluation measures in time for the November deadline, but remained confident they would be put in place.

“I think anyone who has been involved in this process and has chaired the committee, of course I have concerns,” he said. “I’m confident that state ed and the Regents will find a way to receive these applications, that they review them in a timely fashion and ultimately we come up with a series of plans that will pass muster.”

School districts must approve the latest evaluations next month or miss out on a boost in state aid. The Board of Regents is allowing districts that demonstrate a hardship to extend the deadline.

Keshia Clukey at Politico NY reported the following back on October 5:

ALBANY — The vast majority of school districts and teachers' unions seem to be having difficulty coming to an agreement on a new teacher evaluation system supported by Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

As of the end of last week, only 12 plans had been approved, with another 47 submitted for review, according to the state education department. There are 674 districts statewide.

The new evaluation system was put into place last session. It puts more emphasis on students' state test scores, and has been met with criticism, including from the state Board of Regents, which put in place a waiver system to delay the implementation.

The districts have until Nov. 15 to have their plans in and approved by the state or risk losing state aid. Those that believe they can't meet the deadline can instead apply for a waiver, which can extend the deadline up to September 2016.

So as of nine days ago, only 12 plans had been approved, 47 others had been submitted and were awaiting review, and 615 plans had yet to be submitted.

Gee, if I were John Flanagan, I wouldn't be so "confident" that that NYSED, the Board of Regents and the 600+ districts without evaluation plans will "come up with a series of plans that will pass muster."

But you know, that's me.

I'm not a guy who's words and actions are rumored to be almost wholly controlled by Andrew Cuomo.


  1. RBE
    SIDE note, please buddy. Look at doing an article on these ATR Administrators. It's getting funny now. Even the ATR Administrators themselves are laughing. We have a guy at my small school in Bronx. He's at 130K walking around useless. He jokingly said to be today that he absolutely cannot believe he gets paid for showing up with limited responsibility. The dream job to have is ATR AP. some cases it's ATR Principal making 150k. This is insane. Plenty of high schools in Beonx that I'm aware of have ATR Administrators. The principals didn't ask for them and they are certainly not needed. How the hell does the NY Post not do an article on these losers making this salary for basically showing up. ?? How?

  2. What scares me the most is that the rank and file UFT teachers will have no idea what our new evaluation will be till it is rammed down our throats. The new evaluation plans submitted to the NYSED are supposed to be created with input from both the local school districts AND the local unions. However, as always, the UFT/DOE are going to come up with a plan behind closed doors with no input from the very teachers who will be affected by it. God, I wish I knew a mole in the UFT who could fill me in on what is going on.

  3. Is there any word on what is going on in NYC related to this? In my school only myself and one colleague seem to even know this minimal info. I don't even think our admin know about it. Are we all going to be jammed up on Nov. 15 with no warning?

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