Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Eva Moskowitz's City Hall Steps Announcement

From the Daily News:

Charter school maven Eva Moskowitz – and major Mayor de Blasio foe – on Wednesday said she was holding a press conference on the steps of City Hall to make an announcement “concerning her political plans.”

The cryptic announcement contained no other details, but Moskowitz has said she is interested in running for mayor at some point.

"I believe I would have a lot to offer as mayor but the question for me is whether I could contribute more than I am now by running Success Academy," she said in a statement to Politico last month when asked about her mayoral plans.

Moskowitz, the head of the sprawling Success Academy Charter School network, has experience in politics.

She was a City Councilwoman for two terms, and chaired the education committee.

She also ran for Manhattan Borough President in 2005, but lost in a primary to Scott Stringer.
A spokesman for Moskowitz declined to say what Thursday’s announcement is about.

Only a totally insane person (see here) would announce a run for mayor for
November of 2017 in October of 2015, so let's assume that Eva, insane but not THAT insane, is making some other announcement.

My guess is, she's announcing that she will NOT run for mayor but is in process of putting together some grand scheme to help rid the city of the evil Bill de Blasio.

There's simply little chance for her to beat de Blasio in a primary or win as a Republican - not with her nasty temperament and reputation, not with the political demographics greatly favoring Dems.

A person of color without the baggage has the best shot to beat de Blasio in 2017 for the charter school shills.

That's either Hakeem Jeffries or Ruben Diaz Jr. 

As for how that plays out, well, Jeffries is the charter sector's best bet because Diaz comes from a corrupt family and I am not so sure he can survive the scrutiny of a city-wide campaign.

But we'll see - you never know with Eva.

Maybe she's got a beer hall putsch planned for tomorrow and wants the cameras there for her victory speech.


  1. Rumor has it that she is ready to publicly admit that she Joel Kline's have a love child: Wendy Kopp.

    1. . . .that she and Joel Kilne have . . .

    2. . . .Klein . .

  2. The whole thing makes me so angry that I can't see straight. Did they pay Jennifer Hudson for appearing at the rally and if so, how much? I wish the UFT would publicly point out the inequities that Moskowitz benefits from--such as the private money that is available to her, while she is also drawing public funds.

    1. Hudson charges between $150K-$300K an appearance. My guess is, she got toward the higher end of that for yesterday's gig.

  3. Where is the union screaming about this!!!! The fact that these charter school goons are paying singers hundreds of thousands of dollars and yet they want FREE rent in our crowed public school buildings!!!! Where is the response from our union!!! THe UFT better start counter punching otherwise they may get knocked out of the box. As for moskowitch, she would not have a leg to stand on with all of the unions in NYC -for which she hates would NEVER support this witch. Further, moskowitch current salary at success charter schools in $500,000. The mayor of NYC earns $200,000. WHo would take a $300,000 cut in salary???

  4. Over 4 years she'd be giving up $1.2 mil. If she served two terms, $2.4 million. Not a chance. She's in it for the money. Nobody who loves money enough to terrorize 5 year olds will leave that much on the table.