Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, October 19, 2015

Moskowitz Can't Take The Scrutiny

Diane Ravitch posts that Eva Moskowitz is demanding an apology from the News Hour over the report John Merrow did on Success Academy and suspensions.

Merrow asked her directly if she juiced her test scores through suspensions.

Moskowitz turned all sorts of red and sputtered in response:

JOHN MERROW: Do you ever use out-of-school suspension as a way to persuade parents that…

EVA MOSKOWITZ: No. No. We don’t suspend in order to boost our academics. Like, that’s just crazy talk.

JOHN MERROW: But our sources, including several public school principals, quite a few former Success Academy parents, and one person inside her organization, charge that is exactly what she does, repeatedly suspend certain kids to push them out. However, none of these critics were willing to publicly confront Moskowitz.

EVA MOSKOWITZ: Well, the numbers just don’t support that, John. I mean, what you get is what you see, which is suspending kids doesn’t lead to high attrition rate. That is what the data shows.

JOHN MERROW: In fact, the attrition rate is at least twice that of another major charter network, KIPP. A Success Academy representative told thaws for every 100 new students, at least 10 leave before the year’s out, most of them in the first few months. They are then replaced by students chosen from the waiting list.

Watch the video and count the shades of red Moskowitz turns - it's kinda fun.

I never thought her supposed flirtation with running for mayor was ever real for this very reason - had she run for mayor, Success Academy would have gotten a lot of scrutiny that neither Eva nor the hedge fund sugar daddies who support her are used to.

Merrow challenged her fairly, substantively, with data to back his challenge up.

Eva's response?

To cry foul.

Like all bullies, Moskowitz can dish it out but can't take it.

Had she run for mayor, she would have gotten a lot worse than what Merrow gave her - and clearly, she isn't able to take it.


  1. new on Eva:

  2. RBE,
    My school has been practicing this ritual for years. It's all a game. We identify the losers with minimum 17 credits as soon as they turn 17 ;the 17/17 rule) and dump these little bastards. Off to the Transfer schools guys. See yah! After these losers are discharged, our grad rate increase 10% points. Everyone's doing it. Trust me, it ain't just the charters. Get these kids OUT. It's the name of the game. You can't be a principal in a high school without knowing how to dump the dead weight kids. A huge point differentiation. Everyone's inflating the scores by discharge or suspension. EVERYONE!!

  3. Even in the elementary schools, there's a "push em out" mentality.I was a related service provider who also did evals for our district CSE. As such, I was familiar and friendly with the district's Special Ed. placement officer.On numerous occasions when students from our school had been referred to CSE and found to be in need of placement came up for such, it was strongly relayed to me that I should be a "team player" and put a word in my "friend's ear" not to place the kid in our school because "he's not a PS __ kid" ,attributed to poor test scores.This is what you get when you try to run schools using the business model and try to rig things using numbers games.

  4. Moskowitch is a fake who was created by bloomberg. Bloomberg had such the hots for moskowitch that he gave her full run of the NYCDOE. What a sham that two fake smoke and mirror artists have some how worked their way into our nyc schools. Now, with midget mike gone, moskowitch is running a muck screaming and turning all shades of red. Remember this is a woman who is evil as per many of the former teachers coming out of success nonsense schools and their bull shit scores and don't forget to mention the students,,,,excuse me i mean

  5. You go merrow..yeah yeah you go merrow and do not answer her crazy emails asking for sir

  6. Merrow should ask Eva how many of the SA kids have tested into NYC competitive admission HS's? None...from the highest achieving schools in the state? How can that be? It is called cheating...and she uses it to justify a salary more than twice Farina's!

  7. Anonymous 10:35, stop being so smug and callous. You are right, kids w/ 17 and 17 get encouraged to go to alternative schools. That's no secret, and, as a practice that's a far cry from what SA does to 5 year olds. But, you, Anon, have a foul mouth. Quit cursing. You give us teachers a bad name (people read this). And, if I ever met you in person and you called our students bastards, I let you have a piece of my mind. I can't believe I am in a union with you. Shape up. Better yet, retire and never tell anyone you were ever a teacher. You have an awful attitude and you make false equivalences. Be gone from this profession.

  8. By the way, 10:35, your grad rate includes the kids you send to transfer schools. They stay in the calculation (unless you are a charter). You know nothing about the stats and you're spreading gibberish. Retire. Your school doesn't like you. I'm sure the kids don't. Nor do your colleagues.

  9. yeah 10:35, get with the program...even though we move kids to transfer schools they still are calculated in our graduation rates..dumb shit...spreading false information is why the goons are targeting our schools.....further, you must be a charter school teacher because the charter schools operate that way by sending kids out of the school and ridding them of their precious fake graduation rates and then they call the ny post to tell them how great they are doing...fools like bloomberg, who did not even know that public schools are forced to calculate students who were even moved to different schools look just at numbers on a page and go "oh" see I am so wonderfull!!! Just plain ass holes no wonder our country is in the toilet