Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, October 26, 2015

Siena Poll: New Yorkers Very Negative On Common Core

More on today's Siana poll.

Governor Cuomo's handling of education was roundly booed by New Yorkers - 68% disapprove of his work on education while 27% approve.

On Common Core, 30% say the CCSS will improve the quality of education in the state, 34% say it will make the quality worse and 20% say it will have no effect.

For those of you scoring at home, that's less than one-third of New Yorkers who think Common Core is good for schools, with 54% saying Common Core will either be bad for the quality of education or have no effect at all.

On the implementation of Common Core, the numbers are even worse for the Common Core shills:

40% say the state's implementation of Common Core has made education worse, 21% say it has had no meaningful effect and 20% say it has improved education.

So 61% say the implementation of Common Core has either made education worse or had no effect while only 20% think it's made things better.

Again, not good numbers for Common Core shills.

In addition, the familiarity of Common Core continues to rise in these polls - 63% of those polled say they are either very familiar or somewhat familiar with the Common Core.

The more people become familiar with Common Core, the less they like it and the lower the support for it goes.

Cuomo thinks he's smart with his Common Core dog and pony show that's going to "review" the standards but not make any meaningful changes to them.

Looking at the polling on Common Core, Cuomo's approval/disapproval on education and his approval/disapproval overall, I think he's going to be surprised when most people see through his Common Core sham.


  1. Heres how it will play:

    Common Core is a political liability at this point. Perhaps a more aggressive rebrand will happen. Perhaps a symbolic dumping entirely of common core in NYS. Whatever. The end result will NOT be a return to teacher/student centered education policy.


    Not for a second should we take our eyes off of what they are really up to with testing and now limiting testing: their central aim to deprofessionalize teachers and remove organized teachers from the equation entirely.

    Testing, common core, etc. were NEVER about education, educational pedagogy, educational best-practices, or “the kids.” Never. Not even in the opening seconds of the reformers’ thinking. (BTW: this was our unions’ largest and first total mid-read….they assumed that common core and reformers impulses were fundamentally educational, rather than political, corporate, and hyper-capitalistic).

    The central goal of testing within the reformers’ agenda is to establish data to “prove” teachers suck. This, I would argue, is the central nugget that will remain untouched with Obama, Duncan, King, and Cuomo, Elia, etc at the NY State level.

    As I have always said, the reformers and their political voice boxes will be remarkably nimble in trimming, cutting, modifying, and changing their agenda around… the margins, without ever disturbing that central nuggett…teachers rated via tests. They’ll do less, call for less, rename, rebrand, restructure…..but the one thing they will never change is that….trying to “scientifically” oust a generation of organized professional teachers.

    1. Spot on! Except their mystical, magical VAM formula will not survive the barrage of legal challenges that will ensue. And, the opt-out movement will render test sore data useless, as will also be proven in court (eventually).

  2. Hey Andy, wanna bring those numbers up? Tell your heavy hearts legislators to dump CCSS.