Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, October 23, 2015

Schneiderman Says There Are Continuing Corruption Probes Not Yet Made Public

Karen DeWitt at WXXI:

The state’s Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, says he’s made a decision to stay out of politics for now, due to a climate of corruption, and ongoing investigations by his office.


“I am not doing any endorsements or getting involved in any local races, because we’ve ramped up our public integrity investigations,” Schneiderman said, in an interview with public radio and television. “Since 2012 my office has gone after more than 70 public officials and their cronies.”
Schneiderman can’t talk about on going investigations, but says there are more continuing probes that have not yet been made public.


The Attorney General predicts that there will be more  indictments, arrests, and even convictions of state lawmakers, if the Senate and Assembly do not fundamentally reform their rules on outside income.

Stay tuned?


  1. Cuomo?....Andrew Cuomo?....son of Mario Cuomo?....former attorney general who has mastered the art of corruption?....the voice in shutting down the Moreland Commission?. C the voice that has stood by Rva Moskowitz pushing charters?...the voice behind the first Common Core commission?..,the second Common Core commission?....the appointment of John Kimg....the appointment of Elia?...."pay to play" politics?....New York State Racing Authority despotism?....

    It's time to take Cuomo a car ride to a federal penitentiary...where he can begin serving many treats for his crimes against the citizens of New York.

    1. Ah, yes - I keep forgetting about the Anthony Bonomo thing, where Cuomo hired Bonomo's son for a state job and appointed Bonomo to run NYHRA in return for campaign cash - until Bonomo had to step down when he was outed as the man on a wire in the Skelos case.

      So much Cuomo corruption, it's sometimes hard to remember it all.

  2. Who actually checks up on activity AG's office? Charles Hynes was a long time DA prosecutor in Kings County. About 3 years after leaving office, he's now facing the music for all kinds of corruption involving illegal funds. So, you never know what to believe what comes out the mouth any elected official politician.--including the Attorney General..

    1. Absolutely. It's all political gamesmanship.

      That said, the Schneiderman/Bharara alliance, along with the hints from Scheiderman of more to come and his refusal to jump on Cuomo's WEP bandwagon, suggest you should grab some popcorn for the next few months and see what comes out.

      Perhaps nothing.

      But, given the Buffalo Billion/Kaloyeros/Cuomo donor investigation, along with the Moreland shutdown investigation, perhaps something...

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