Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, October 2, 2015

Poughkeepsie Goes National: John King Replacing Arne Duncan Is A Fabulous Idea

Norm at Ed Notes nails this:

Happy Days for Opponents of Ed Deform: John King Replaces Arne Duncan

Call the King appointment "Building the national opt-out movement one education secretary at a time."

While some of our troops in the battle against ed deform, particularly those in NY State where King served as state ed commissioner, have been tearing a their hair and rending their clothing at Duncan's replacement - ACTING, I offer cheers for the man who had such an impact in fostering NY State in having the largest opt out movement in the entire nation with 20% opting out (Let's pray for a doubling - or more - this year.)

King threw much kindling on the opt out fire while he was here in New York, there's no reason to think he won't succeed similarly on a national stage.

Would also note, just another example of the hubris of the education reformers that they keep recycling the same faces and shuffling them around (Cerf, King, Elia, et al.)


  1. I am totally down with Norm's logic. This is like bringing back George W. Bush for comedians. I am so looking forward to having this arrogant little twit to kick around again.

    1. Wait'll the first time King gets challenged by somebody and he threatens to take his ball and go home. Can't wait to see that on a national stage...

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