Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Merryl Tisch Never Wanted To Communicate With Parents In An Open Dialogue

From State of Politics:

As she departs the Board of Regents in the coming months, Chancellor Merryl Tisch says she has one regret: Not communicating better with parents when it came to the implementation of the controversial Common Core standards.
“I think that if I could go back in time and improve on something that we did, I would have the department communicate with the parents early on so that they understood why the shifts in instructional practice were important,” she said in a Capital Tonight interview. “That to me was a constituency group that should have been included in a robust way.”

Oh please.

One of the central themes of the Common Core Education Reform Era was that parents didn't know how bad their kids's schools and teachers were but reformers were going to show them this by shiving through the Common Core State (sic) Standards and linked tests.

The idea was to "Shock and Awe" parents into coming on board the "Blow Up The System" education reform agenda.

Alas, it didn't work because many parents know that their kids' schools and teachers are just fine but the Common Core State (sic) Standards and linked tests are, to put it kindly, problematic.

She can talk about wishing she had better communicated with parents all she wants - the truth is, neither she nor her fellow reformers EVER want to get parents on board the reform express.

Instead they want to run them over with it.


  1. Meryl Tisch is the Leona Helmsley of NY state education department. The parents are the little people in her the inner window of her pea sized brain. Meryl Tisch is a hotel heiress with complete disdain for the parents a.k.a little people.

  2. Famous quote from Tuschie, “When I have a problem with my refrigerator I don't call the repairman...I call the Chairman of the Board at GE.” Such warmth and likability…along with either complete incompetence–or an agenda to destroy public education. Why should the wealthy need to support the education of middle class, or poor kids? When you approach education from that perspective, as Tuschie clearly did, you feel no guilt about the destruction of public education. Resign immediately Tisch!