Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, November 16, 2015

634 School Districts Got Waivers From Cuomo's APPR Teacher Evaluation System

I thought the waiver from APPR was supposed to be used sparingly:

The majority of eligible districts have applied for waivers to the new teacher evaluation system supported by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, according to the state Education Department. As of Friday, the department had approved 634 waivers, with one district expected to resubmit its waiver application. By law, the Nov. 15 deadline — which falls on a weekend — is extended to Monday, Nov. 16, according to the department. A total of 67 districts were able to successfully negotiate their new teacher evaluation system with their local teachers’ unions prior to the deadline, according to the department...Districts had the summer to negotiate their plans with their unions. Starting Oct. 1, districts could apply for the waiver, but first had to show they tried to come to an agreement on the plans. The state Education Department in October urged all districts to file for the waiver. Without the waiver, districts that did not come to an agreement with their teachers’ unions would risk losing state aid.”

634 waivered out of the system for now, 67 under the new system, 1 district resubmitting for a waiver.

I'm no math major but 67 out of 702 doesn't seem to be "sparingly".

Cuomo's APPR system is a disaster - now it's time for him to acknowledge that and redo the whole mess.

I'm under no illusions he'll do that, however.

APPR was pointedly not part of Cuomo's vaunted Common Core review.


  1. The bigger question is how transparent will the UFT/DOE be in regard to negotiations when it comes to our evaluation? This is THE CHANCE for the UFT to step up and get us someting "good" out of this mess. The law says the minimum amout of obervations is 2. (One by principal and one by outside observer) If the UFT/DOE ends up with more than 2 observations next year it will be a massive slap in the face to an already demoralized rank and file.

  2. So did NYC get a waiver?