Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Lawsuit Alleges Achievement First Punished Special Education Student Because Of His Disabilities

Coming on the heels of the "Got To Go" list that Success Academies put together for students they wanted out of SA comes this news:

Special education students at a Brooklyn charter school did not get mandated services and were punished for behavior that arose from their disabilities, according to a lawsuit filed in federal court on Thursday.

The suit, filed on behalf of five students at Achievement First Crown Heights, described a “systemic failure to provide them a free appropriate public education, in violation of their rights.” It said that students did not get physical therapy and other services for weeks at a time, and that a student with autism was disciplined for not looking in the direction a teacher instructed or for hiding under his desk.

In addition to the charter network and the school, the suit also named the New York City Department of Education and the New York State Education Department, asserting they failed to make Achievement First, a network with schools in Connecticut and Rhode Island as well as in New York City, live up to its responsibilities.

“Kids with special needs not only should be granted accommodations for their needs, but they must be under federal and state law,” said Michelle Movahed, a senior staff attorney at New York Legal Assistance Group, a nonprofit organization that is representing the students and their families. “This is not just a question of doing the right thing.”

What kind of cretins would discipline a child with autism for not looking in the direction of the teacher?

The kind who run and/or work at Achievement First.

Oh, btw, they're hiring, so if you're in the market for a job where you get to abuse kids, especially special education students, head on over to Idealist and send the Achievement First cretins your resume...


  1. Need more of these lawsuits. When the charter schools are exposed for what they really are, either they'll lose in the courts or bring civil rights activists in to the point their supporters will become so polarized they'll lose anyway.

  2. A mere cretin would probably have some empathy for a scared or confused child.

    No, there's a current of fundamentally vicious condescension among these people that makes them far, far worse...

    1. That's because they're data points or pawns, not children (to them anyway).