Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Anybody Buying Hillary Clinton's Charter School Comments?

Don't see too many people on social media buying Clinton's comments about charter schools as anything other than expediency.

My take:

Make no mistake, the charter scandals from around the country, the "Got To Go" list pushout stories from NYC, the stories of abuse at charter chains like Success and Achievement First - these are doing serious damage to the charter narrative.

That Clinton's saying what she's saying doesn't mean she'll change the pro-charter policies from the Obama and Clinton administrations, of course.

Just that it's no longer a slam dunk talking point to declare charters the swellest thing ever.


  1. Not buying it.

    The comments weren't prime-time, not too thorough, and didn't contain anything except the most flagrant, easy calls about charters.

    Clinton's comments amount to what the early endorsements from our leadership paid for with said endorsements. An off-main-stream comment where she said what any passing observer of the issues could have said confidently.

    As always with our political and educational leaders, what is NOT SAID is way way way more important and telling than what was actually said. In this case, Clinton DID NOT call for an abandonment of the charter model, articulate a criticism of testing rooted in the fundamental philosophical problems of testing, VAM, etc etc etc.

    Clinton's comments suggest an education policy where a reform of the current reformers would do the trick. No fundamental challenges to the reform agenda, and a continued culture of privatization and teacher-baiting....thats what will fill the voids in the comments Clinton made.

    All of this is a waste of time stating however because union leadership will take these kinda-lame comments and declare victory.

    Every single one of our challenges still confront us and are undiminished.


  3. Polls show Hillary's worst downside is trust. Nobody trusts her. She will say whatever she thinks will get her what she wants even if it contradicts what she said yesterday. This is another example of her attempt at shape shifting. She can't shift the shape of that pantsuit. She cannot be trusted and she's full of shit. So is her chief lawyer /cheerleader R.Weingarten. Feel the Bern Hill.

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  5. I'm not buying it. The Clintons have been friends with Eli Broad for a very long time. Watch what they do, not what they say. "Eli Broad and the Clintons"

  6. I would never vote for Clinton. Period. I am a Republican, but I will also not vote for many GOP candidates either. I am totally disgusted with the AFT's endorsement of Clinton. She has done absolutely nothing to advance our cause. Plus, she is wrong on nearly every single issue that I care about and I do not believe a thing she says. Total liar.