Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Help Wanted: Lead Designer Of Culture For Charter School

I know somebody looking for a job in non-profit work.

She is using Idealist as part of her search.

She says nearly every listing these days is for charter schools and that many of the listings have these great Orwellian names.

For example:

Associate Director, Knowledge Management


 Lead Designer, Culture and Personal Development

Both those gigs are for Achievement First, which like many of these large charter outfits, appears to be awash in cash and hiring all the time - and not just for teachers.

Now what exactly does the "Leader Designer- Culture" do at Achievement First?

Sounds like the kind of thing Goebbels did, doesn't it?

And it turns out it kinda is:

  1. Accelerated Academics: Our students need to be among the best in the world
  2. Habits of Success: Our students will truly thrive when they also develop the habits, mindsets and life skills that promote productive and joyful lives
  3. Excellence in Enrichment: Our students need a taste of the joy that comes from passionate excellence outside of traditional academics
  4. Student, Family and Staff Motivation: Our students, staff and families will exhibit an unstoppable level of shared commitment and drive 

Uniforms and armbands are included, which is nice, because you don't want the kids thinking about anything else other than their "unstoppable level of commitment and drive" as they "need be among the best in the world" in their productivity and excellence.

If you're in the market for a new job and you feel like a good fit for a Lead Designer of Culture, why not take a stab at it over on Idealist.

But you need a very specific skillset:

  • You are an entrepreneurial and ambitious educator
  • with a passion for innovation and an eagerness to strategically redesign schools because kids could be learning much faster and deeper than traditional school models allow
  • who is deeply committed to living the habits of success: personal growth, drive, curiosity, empathy, gratitude and teamwork.
  • who embraces an all hands-on deck start up environment and lives for change
  • who can't wait to work at the vision level and in the weeds 
Oh - and you have to love data.

On the plus side, it turns out you can do this job anywhere:

This job can be performed from a remote location.

Isn't technology in the neo-liberal world a great thing?

Charter schools have so much to teach the regular public schools, don't they?

1 comment:

  1. Wonderful piece, RBE.

    Since the funders of all these schemes come straight out of Silicon Valley or Wall Street, unsurprising that they'd describe what their drudges do with the same laughable titles and "duties" that are now commonplace in certain parts of the American workplace.

    A few months ago, I was researching how exactly the reformistas raise money for their creations and found a very serious and unironic "offering document" pitched to deep-pocket contributors for a $50 million investment pool that would fund charter management organizations across the country. It was structured--down to the finest detail and format--as though it was a prospectus for a new hedge fund or exchange-traded fund that could have been listed on the NASDAQ or the NYSE.

    God save public education....