Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Campbell Brown Surfaces In Dean/Adam Skelos Corruption Case Wiretaps

From the Politico NY morning email update on education:

From phone call between Adam and Dean Skelos Dec. 14. 2014:  
“AS: What are you up to?  
DS: Um going into the city. Meeting with some billionaires.  
AS: Who are you meeting with?  
DS: On school tax credit stuff. Campbell Brown.  
AS: Oh. Ok.  
DS. A reporter, former reporter. 
AS: Dad, you gotta take these names down….All I need is contacts. I’ll take care of the rest.” 
(Dean laughs)

Some billionaires and Campbell Brown meet with crooked Dean Skelos over "school tax credit stuff".

Love it.

Maybe they could have gotten exactly what they wanted on the "school tax credit stuff"" if they had provided Adam Skelos with a no-show job at Families for Excellent Schools.

Just so long as they didn't ask him to, you know, show up for work.


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  2. Here's some background on Campbell's corporate reform website "The 74":

    DIANE RAVITCH: "Jennifer Berkshire, aka EduShyster, got a tip about a journalist who applied for a job with 'The 74.'

    "(The writer applying to work at 'The 74') was told that 'The 74' news service needed investigative journalists, but they would not cover subject of charter school scandals. She shared her story with EduShyster, but insisted on anonymity, as revealing her name would be 'career suicide.'


    What's Campbell's take on all this whole "balanced" coverage controversy?

    Well, let's hear it right from the horse's mouth, where Brown says that no, she and the others at THE 74 won't be approaching things with any sense of "balance," because ... well ... when one side (hers) represents the forces of GOOD, and the other side represents the forces of BAD, that's the smartest way to go.

    Thinking otherwise, she argues, sets up a "false equivalency":
    CAMPBELL BROWN: "I have learned that (in education) not every story has two sides. And I will not allow for false equivalency when a child’s future is being compromised, regardless of the vitriol it provokes.

    "I remember when I first fell in love with journalism. As naïve as it sounds today, I was taken with the idea that a journalist could and should be a voice for those in our society who don’t have one. I hope that through our reporting The Seventy Four can be that voice for America’s children – representing their needs and their hopes and dreams for a better future."

    Ya got all that?

    Reading between the lines, Campbell communicates the notion that ...

    --- the pro-public education, anti-school privatization pro-teachers union side represent the side of BAD----the folks who ARE NOT concerned "with the needs (of students) and their well-being their hopes and dreams of a better future."

    ... meanwhile ...

    --- she and her side of pro-privatization, anti-union, pro-charter schools folks represent the side of GOOD, the folks who ARE concerned "with the needs (of students) and their well-being their hopes and dreams of a better future."

    With that premise going in, that means she and the folks at THE 74 don't have to consider, or allow that other BAD side any voice on her website.

    Heck, she says, we're not even going to listen to anything they have to say, because ... all of those people are ... well ... you know ... BAD, and since we're GOOD, the best thing we can do is just ignore everything and anything that those BAD folks say.

    True to form, that's how things have played out.

    For example, The 74 has stayed a thousand miles away from the national story of Eva Moskowitz and her "Got to Go" lists... as reported on by John Merrow, and the New York Times Kate Taylor.

    Let's just stick our heads in the sand, Campbell apparently believes, and pretend that none of this "Got to Go" list stuff is going on.

    Even the spectacle of a Moskowitz's principal crying like Jimmy Swaggart at a press conference --- apologizing for the "Got to Go" list --- could not rouse The 74's interest.

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