Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, October 29, 2012

Just A Regular Work Day Redux

The wind is howling.

The rain is coming down.

Many places began to flood last night even before the rain started to fall.

The high tide is coming tonight.

It is a full moon.

Sandy has made her turn westward and will make landfall sometime later this evening.

Unlike many hurricanes at this stage of their trek, Sandy is strengthening.

All transit in the area is shut down.

The airports are shutting down.

The bridges and tunnels will shut down when the gusts hit 60 mph.

The NYSE and the NASDAQ have both shut down today (and probably tomorrow as well.)

A good part of the nation has come to a standstill as a result of this storm.

Somebody on the weather forum posted this at 4:59 AM:

It just looks ominous outside... the sound continues to get louder- and it's more continuous now.. In addition we're having occasional power surges..  This is a storm we are going to be talking to our grandchildren about.. I have a very bad feeling in my stomach right now...

And Michael Bloomberg told us yesterday that today New York City offices would be opened and many people would be making their way into work later in the day.

This came after he waited until almost the last possible moment to declare a mandatory evacuation of Flood Zone A in the city.

His hand may have been pushed on that, as Governor Cuomo had already declared the MTA would shut down by 7 PM at a press conference an hour before Bloomberg was set to update the city on the storm.

Is there any public official more clueless than Mayor Michael Bloomberg?



  1. Because in his world, cushioned by his immense wealth, he doesn't have to deal with the realities of life.

  2. Mayor Bloomberg should just calm himself down and take in a Broadway show.

    1. I wish he could. Unlike city government offices, however, Broadway shows decided to close down.

      Maybe Bloomberg can go work at the marriage license bureau.

      If nobody comes in for a license, he can grab a broom and sweep up.

      He should make himself useful instead of causing more havoc, as he usually does.