Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, October 29, 2012

Tunnel Closures Start

2 PM today for the Holland and Brooklyn Battery Tunnels.

Hope New York City employees who came in to work today don't need to use either of those crossings when they stop working on Mikey's Farm tonight.


  1. Just saw Cuomo's press conference. Hate to say this (because I don't like Cuomo), but he's coming off smelling like a rose--compared to Bloomberg. He's relaxed, yet concerned and really comes off as being a leader--almost likeable. Contrast this to Bloomberg's whiny, irritable, out-of-touch, manner.

  2. I agree. Up until now, Cuomo has handled this just right.

    Christie has been more melodramatic than Cuomo, but then again, the storm is making landfall in Jersey, so I don't think that's overblown.

    Bloomberg, meanwhile, is threatening people who haven't evacuated from Zone A when he didn't give the mandatory evacuation order until very late in the game. And then there's the whole "City offices are opened" bullshit.

    We'll see how people react to all of this after it's all over. So far, the media hasn't hit him too hard for the late evacuation call or for the city office thing (except for TWC and some mild criticism I saw on the local FOX affiliate.)

    But that could change if the flooding get really, really bad.