Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sandy Tied For Second Largest Tropical Cyclone Since 1988 (UPDATED)

Sandy's tropical storm-force winds extend out 450 miles.

This is a very large storm.

And it's about to take a westward turn.

The Weather Channel's latest tracking, as of 9:51 PM, has it landing somewhere between Maryland and New York City.

UPDATE - 10:55 PM:  Via Jim Cantore's Twitter account:

Storm surge model from Stevens Inst Technology shows higher surge at The Battery in Manhattan than during Irene.

Cantore added:

Jim Cantore@JimCantore I am very concerned about Mayor @MikeBloomberg decision on No evacuations. Wondering if a hurricane warning would have changed that. #Sandy

Here is what Bloomberg said earlier about this storm that he says is "less dangerous" than Irene:


To reiterate what I said before, Bloomberg better hope the information he's getting is the correct information, because the info that's coming from The Weather Channel, Stevens Institute and elsewhere sure is contradicting what our mayor is saying.  


  1. BLoomberg's thought process about this storm and how to manage it parallels his thought process on education. Only a public referendum on establishing an mayoral impeachement process for new york city will solidify the epic proportions of his malfeasance and negligence as imperial mayor. This is one corrupt incompetent mayor fof the ages. That is the reality of Bloomberg's legacy!

  2. Bloomberg is a bigger blowhard than Hurricane SandY!

  3. Mayor Bloomberg, just go to a Broadway show tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night and Tuesday afternoon and Tuesday night. Hand over the office of Mayor to John Liu so that we can suvive this epic storm with someone who is accountable to all New York city residents!

  4. He is so out of touch. He just said that he expects people to go to work tomorrow and that it will be a normal work day. HUH??? How are people going to get to work without mass transit and in ferocious winds and flooding? He expects city workers to come to work. HOW? By walking? Also, does he expect teachers to show up?

  5. This will not go away. He was negligent. All these lives could have been saved. I watched this news conference live from Richmond Virgina and the meteroligists on the Weather Channel were saying that he was making a mistake. His tone was arrogant and non chalant. Everyone at sea level should have been evacuated.