Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Bloomberg Jeered At St. Patrick's Day Parade In The Rockaways

The good people of Rockaway just do not buy the Mayor's jive: 

While many in the Rockaways cheered on the 38th annual Queens County St. Patrick's Day Parade on Saturday as a much-needed sign of the neighborhood's recovery from Hurricane Sandy, some spectators booed Mayor Michael Bloomberg as he marched, claiming he did not prepare the area for storms.
"We are going to keep rebuilding," said Mayor Michael Bloomberg. "We have come a long ways. We have a ways to go."
Some parade-goers did not agree with the mayor's assessment.
As Mayor Bloomberg marched, the crowd jeered. They said the mayor has not done enough to get this community back on its feet.
"Nothing. Bloomberg and the government did nothing," said one parade-goer. "All he does is care about soda. That's it."
"The mayor is here to march in the parade, and he does nothing else to help us," said another.
The mayor still had a few fans. "He did the best he can," said one parade-goer.
But the chorus seemed to drown that sentiment out.
At one point, as Bloomberg offered thanks on behalf of the city, he was once again met with boos.

The people of Rockaway know, Bloomberg is all talk and no action. 

He cares nothing for them or about them.

If you live on the Upper East Side or Greenwich, Connecticut, the mayor cares about you because you are one of his people.

But if you live in Sea Gate or Staten Island or Coney Island or Gerritsen Beach or the Rockaways, you are not one of his people and the mayor cares nothing about.


He cares only about his own class.

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