Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, March 8, 2013

Parents Protest DOE's Failure To Inform Them About PCB's At PS 87

From NY1:

Parents are planning to protest at a Manhattan elementary school after finding out that hazardous toxins were found there months ago.

A group of parents at P.S. 87 on the Upper West Side said that a smoking light fixture emitting PCBs was discovered in early December but wasn't replaced until almost three weeks later.

They also said they didn't know about the leak until P.S. 87 appeared on a PCB remediation list published by NY1 last week.

The group said they received a notice Wednesday, almost three months after the leak was discovered.
City law requires that parents be notified within seven days.

PCB leaks have been discovered in more then 300 schools across the city.

In a statement, the city said it has been open about the whole process.

A rally will be held after school on Friday.

The NYCDOE motto - Children first.  Always.

Just ignore the cancer-causing toxins those children the DOE puts first are breathing in.

Which is easy to do since the DOE never actually informs you that your child is attending a school with cancer-causing toxins in it for months and months and months (and even then, only when caught!)

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  1. Are any of Bloomberg's family's own children attending the school? Is Walcott worried about the children at the school? Are any of the children at the school remotely related to Walcott's distant cousin?

    That explains why they Bloomcott ignored the cancer-causing toxins for many, many months.

    "Non-relative Children First" to get sick.