Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Crazy Things Mayor Bloomberg Says

A commenter in an early thread wrote the following:

The mental stability of the mayor should become an issue. Recent comments should be interpreted as not only delusional, but, the possibility of mental incapacity as these comments can no longer be excused.

The commenter is talking about this kind of stuff:

 Mayor Bloomberg yesterday put his foot in his mouth by suggesting homeless shelters are bursting at the seams because anyone can get a bed — even the filthy rich.

“You can arrive in your private jet at Kennedy Airport, take a private limousine and go straight to the shelter system, walk in the door, and we’ve got to give you shelter,” the billionaire mayor fumed on his weekly WOR radio show.

“That’s what the law is. I didn’t write the law.”
Or this:

"I got in trouble every time I say this. But I would do anything to have better quality teachers, even if it meant bigger class size, even if it meant them standing rather than sitting. That's what really makes a difference.”

Or this:

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — It’s a jaw-dropping prescription for fixing city schools.
“Professor” Michael Bloomberg said Thursday he would accomplish more with less by slashing the teaching staff in half — and that’s just the beginning, reports CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer.

He looked like he was from another planet when he dressed as a hippie for a political show, but the mayor’s blueprint for fixing city schools have some asking “what was he smoking?”

“Education is very much, I’ve always thought, just like the real estate business. Real estate business, there are three things that matter: location, location, location is the old joke,” Bloomberg said. “Well in education, it is: quality of teacher, quality of teacher, quality of teacher. And I would, if I had the ability - which nobody does really – to just design a system and say, ‘ex cathedra, this is what we’re going to do,’ you would cut the number of teachers in half, but you would double the compensation of them and you would weed out all the bad ones and just have good teachers. And double the class size with a better teacher is a good deal for the students.”

That’s right. The mayor told people at a Massachusetts Institute of Technology conference it would be far better to run city schools with way fewer people. And, by the way, on the billionaire’s perfect planet that would mean cramming more kids into each classroom.

Or this:

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has a solution to the nation's immigration problem: Let immigrants come to the United States... "as long as they agree to live in Detroit."
Bloomberg, the mayor of America's largest city, believes the federal government has an immigration problem and that Detroit has a people problem — "half the population has left; you've got to do something about that" — so why not flash some of that American ingenuity and kill two birds with one stone?

"If I were the federal government, assuming we could wave a magic wand and pull everybody together, you pass a law letting immigrants come in as long as they agree to go to Detroit and live there for five to 10 years, start businesses, take jobs or whatever," Bloomberg said Sunday on NBC's "Meet the Press."

"You would populate Detroit overnight because half the world wants to come here," Bloomberg said of the continued appeal of living within the United States, yet implying perhaps Detroit is not the most desirable new home town.

Or how about this:

Mayor Bloomberg’s recent criticism of President Obama for allowing the debt reduction Supercommittee to fail led many political tea leaf watchers to believe he’s eyeing a potential White House bid. To the dismay of those who hope he’ll mount presidential campaign, Mayor Bloomberg began his speech last night by discussing why City Hall is just fine by him.

“I have my own army in the NYPD, which is the seventh biggest army in the world. I have my own State Department, much to Foggy Bottom’s annoyance. We have the United Nations in New York, and so we have an entree into the diplomatic world that Washington does not have,” Mayor Bloomberg said.

When I listen to Michael Bloomberg talk, I feel like the crew members on the U.S.S. Caine:

Maybe it's time to go over Admiral Halsey and have a talk?

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