Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Common Core Kindergarten Homework

Via @ The Chalk Face, here is a piece of Common Core homework brought to you by Pearson:

Kindergarten homework?

What the hell happened to afterschool play?

@ The Chalk Face describes how one little boy reacts to his Pearson work:

Sara Wottawa is a parent in New York who is highly conscientious of her kids’ school work and progress.  Today, she posted the following on Facebook:
Today I am very emotional and upset. My son, who is in kindergarten, is very cooperative in school but when he comes home he emotionally falls apart. Today after trying to assist him with his developmentally inappropriate homework I reached my breaking point. I decided for the remainder of the year he will no longer take part in completing developmentally inappropriate homework.

What damage is being done to this generation of children by the Best and Brightest who have brought us the untested, unpiloted, developmentally inappropriate Common Core Federal Standards?

As we saw last month, the Common Core work is already driving up the anxiety level of kindergarteners by giving them work they are not ready for (and shouldn't be ready for!)

These standards have been rammed through by the oligarchy to try and show the peons how "stupid" our children are, how "failing" our schools are, how "we" are at fault for the economy because we and our kids are just not smart enough to handle the work needed for the 21st century economy, why "we" are the reason why the American Experiment in democracy is failing.

None of this is true, of course.

Our children are NOT stupid, our schools are NOT failing, we are NOT at fault for the economy collapse, we are NOT at fault for the failures of government and the political classes.

The problems the country is facing quite simply come from the oligarchy looking to steal every bit of wealth in this country and leave nothing for the rest of us.

They're scapegoating the working and middle classes ("You're not working hard enough to succeed in the 21st Century economy"), they're blaming the school system ("Children are not receiving the 21st Century skills they need to succeed in the global economy"), they're promoting education reform and Common Core and school choice as the solution for these problems.

But they're the ones causing all of the income inequality and poverty with their economic policies and tax policies meant to distribute ALL of the wealth upward.

Of course education reform, Common Core, and school choice are not meant to solve the problems of income inequality, poverty and the like.

They are meant to be used as a bludgeon against what little is left of the Liberal Project as the Shock Doctrinaires strip every bit of the "public" and the "commons" from American life, privatize every public institution in sight, and gobble up all the wealth (NOTE: Dow at all time high - unemployment, income stagnation, social mobility remain HUGE problems for all but the 1%.)

The American Experiment is coming to an end.  We are now fully in the American Empire where the powers that be subvert democracy by spending billions to buy the offices they want (see here), where the powers that be ram through education programs that are meant to further exacerbate the problems (NOTE: Not one oligarch is sending his/her kid to a school run under the education reforms the oligarchs are pushing for other people's kids), where they steal all the money and get government bailouts and run up the government debt and then blame us for the problem and look to cut what little is left of the social safety net as the solution.

It's a rough time to be a kid here in America.

It's a rough time to be a teacher.

With labor leaders like Randi Weingarten and Michael Mulgrew supporting the oligarchy in their attempts to destroy the working and middle classes, to implement a privatization program for schools, and to bust the unions and break what little power is left with working people, the future looks quite dim.

But the resistance to Common Core and reform and privatization is growing.

They've got the money and the media.

But the resistance has the numbers.

99%, in fact.

Time to use that against the oligarchy.

We can start by boycotting the Pearson kindergarten homework.


  1. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Kids will soon be "tested" in PE, music, art, dance, and theater classes. Teachers in these subjects will soon be required to assign homework to every student in every grade. Kids are going to begin to hate school so much that there will finally be backlash from parents but that might take many years. This is all part of a plan to prepare kids for a lifetime of slave labor for the corporate goons who set this agenda in the first place with the ed-deform master plan.

    1. Already happening where I am - it's all MLA all the time, in every class. All informational texts and complex vocabulary - even in art class and PE.

      There is a spot in John Bunyan's hell for the proponents of this nightmare.

  2. Pre-K children are already being rated according to the common core standards and rubrics!

    1. I think the use of Common Core standards and rubrics on pre-K and kindergarten students really crytallizes all that is wrong with the Common Core movement. Moving away from socio-emotional learning, only privileging academic learning and test-based assessment.

      The backlash is building. Even if the AFT is partnering with David Coleman to shill for this crap, the backlash is building.

  3. RBE

    Just heard Seat at the Table Weingarten sits in the slammer. Arrested for actually caring about Philadelphia school closures but you and I know its a ruse for her selling them out to Mayor Nutter Butter, who is a DINO. The US Sell Out Tour continues.

    My wife teaches kindergarten here in Staten Island. Her kids never attended pre K, parents are uncaring....would love to say the MLS system is working but.....

  4. Bravo! The truth...unleash it...It will defend itself!