Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Why Is Mulgrew Afraid To Debate?

Via ICEUFT blog, we learn that even the NY Post is wondering why UFT President Michael Mulgrew won't debate opponent Julie Cavanagh:

Brash-talking teachers-union boss Michael Mulgrew is a chicken and a hypocrite, union critics charge.

Mulgrew is ducking a debate with his United Federation of Teachers rival before next month’s union elections, The Post has learned.

Special-education teacher Julie Cavanagh is challenging Mulgrew’s re-election bid and has personally asked him to participate in a “town hall” debate.

“To this point you have ignored outreach regarding your participation in a debate or question-and-answer town hall with me,” Cavanagh said in a March 14 letter to Mulgrew.

And a top aide to Mulgrew confirmed that the incumbent would not debate Cavanagh. Instead, Mulgrew’s political handlers offered to have one of the subordinates from his Unity Caucus debate her. 

The contempt with which Mulgrew and his leadership are treating Cavanagh and the MORE caucus is not new to how they treat people within the union who do not swallow the party line 100%.

What is different is that the news of that is showing up in the newspapers.

Why won't Mulgrew debate Cavanagh?

Understand that a 90 second spot for Cavanagh at the DA does not count as a debate.

I mean a real, honest 90 minute "Here Is How I See The Future Of Public Education, Teaching And Unionism" debate between Mulgrew and Cavanagh moderated by an independent third party.

That would be a great opportunity for both candidates to explain to UFT rank and file just how they plan to handle a very dicey future for teachers, schools and the UFT.

What is Mulgew afraid of that he won't have that debate?


  1. TeachmyclassMrMayor(andyoutooMrMulgrew)March 28, 2013 at 9:56 PM

    He's afraid of people realizing he is no better than Mayor Napoleon, and that is he could care less about his constituents.

  2. With Julie being so inexperienced and unqualified to be president according to Unity flacks, a debate should be a slam dunk for Mulgrew. I've been challenging ANY Unity person to debate ANY MORE person and so far they all duck. When they were going to send Janella Hinds to debate Julie at FDR MORE said she would only debate Mulgrew and offered another MORE person and Leroy Barr pulled her out saying she would be on UFT time and couldn't debate until after 6PM.

  3. Mulgrew is a fake tough guy who surrounds himself with other fake tough guys like Barr, DAvid Hickey and Ellie Engler- who abuse the staff every day. He has no backbone and no moral coompass.
    Afraid to debate? Maybe because:
    -1 contract for five years? Unless your rent has been reduced and you are paying less for gasoline, food, electricity, etc. that is a pay cut.
    ---he is afraid to discuss the top level corruption at the union which he and Weingartgen pretend doesn't exist (padded expense accounts, buried sexual harassment charges, top staffers working on Mulgrew's campaign in violation of federal laws.
    ---he wont answer why he has met with Bermuda Mike Bloomberg more than anyone in town but he still doesnt have a contract!
    -his family connections to D.O.E. payola.
    --who built his house in Florida.
    -why he has an $80,000 "writer" on his staff whose only job is to spie on workers, attend opposition meetings and report back. The "writer", Ron Issac, does little UFT work and works thre days a week.