Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ray Kelly: Accountability Is For Others

This kind of lack of accountability is a theme with politicians and their functionaries, so there's no surprise here:

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn's plan to create an independent watchdog for the NYPD drew a scathing rebuke from Mayor Bloomberg last week, and on Tuesday Police Commissioner Ray Kelly added to the criticism saying it could jeopardize the city's safety.

"I think there’s real cause for concern," Kelly told reporters.

The cause for concern is a so-called NYPD Inspector General, who would not only investigate wrongdoing, but also monitor policy at the police department.

Under pressure from Council colleagues and some of her Democratic rivals in the mayor’s race, Council Speaker Christine Quinn last week agreed to legislation creating an inspector general. But the man she says she’d like to keep on as police commissioner clearly isn't on board.

"I think putting in another layer of so-called supervision, or monitoring, can ultimately make this city less safe," Kelly said.

Currently the commissioner is answerable to no one other than the mayor - he can and does treat the City Council, the press and the public with disdain.

Which is why Kelly doesn't want an independent monitor for the NYPD.

Because that might mean the next commissioner will have to do things differently than the current autocrat.

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