Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Adding A 5th Reason To Why Kaya Henderson Won't Be NYCDOE Chancellor

Valerie Strauss lists four reasons why she thinks DCPS chancellor Kaya Henderson won't be NYCDOE chancellor despite rumors that her name is on Mayor-Elect Bill de Blasio's short list for the job.

The four reasons are 1) Henderson's staunch support of charter schools 2) Henderson's emphasis on standardized tests as the most important measure of educational achievement 3) her antagonism toward the union and 4) her dismissal of class size as an important component of reform.

I would add a fifth reason - Henderson's part in the Michelle Rhee testing scandal in DC.

When Rhee was allegedly informed about widespread allegations of cheating at DCPS schools, Henderson's was said to be present.

Both Rhee and Henderson deny ever having been told about widespread cheating allegations.

So far, the news media has seemed complacent to let that cheating story die without checking much into Rhee's or Henderson's stories.

If Henderson is offered the NYCDOE chancellor job, that cheating allegation story will resurface and get much more rigorous coverage from the media this time around.

I bet that's something that neither Henderson's old boss and pal in crime, Michelle Rhee, nor Henderson herself want.

I bet it's something the education reform establishment doesn't want either.

The Myth Of Michelle Rhee must not be exposed.

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