Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, December 6, 2013

How Many Schools In Chicago Did BBB Close?

Gotham Schools says Barbara Byrd-Bennett is on the short list to be the next NYCDOE chancellor.

Didn't she close like 50 schools in Chicago?

Didn't de Blasio run for mayor in opposition to Bloomberg's school closure policy?

And yet, GS says BBB is rumored to be a possible successor to Walcott.

The Times reported earlier in the week that Michelle Rhee's buddy from DCPS, Kaya Henderson, is also on the list to be chancellor.

How many teachers did she fire in DC?

I expected de Blasio to pick Bratton to replace Kelly because it made political sense - Bratton is a change from Kelly's top down autocratic leadership at the NYPD but not so drastic a change as to freak the power brokers out.

But BBB or Henderson at the DOE?

Hell, that's not a change at all from Walcott/Klein/Bloomberg.

That's like doubling down on those very same policies.

I hope these reports are wrong and it's Starr or Cashin on the short list.

Because if we end up with BBB or Henderson at Tweed, we're in a lot of trouble.

There was a report a few weeks back that de Blasio met with Rahm Emanuel to talk transition and governance.

With this rumor of BBB or Henderson on the list for DOE, that report is seeming more ominous than even I thought it was back then.


  1. You guys are going to give me a sleepness night. If this is what that meeting with Rambo was about, then dB is going to lose his Democratic base.

    1. Like Obama, he probably doesn't care. Let's hope GS is wrong - they have an agenda and they seem to be basing the story on BBB came to NYC for a visit and someone said "Hey, it might be about the chancellor gig!" They seem to want her, or someone like her, because they love the school closure stuff and other reform nonsense.

  2. It's starting to look quite bleak right about now.