Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Carmen Farina And Bill de Blasio CAN Change Worst Excesses Of Ed Deform Movement

I keep seeing this kind of thing around:

To which I replied:

Added a couple more tweets to the twitterverse regarding the "De Blasio/Farina Can Do Little To Change Ed Deform Excesses/Testing" meme:

Students, parents and teachers are in revolt all over the state over the Endless Testing program, the APPR teacher evaluation system that mandates so much of this testing, the Common Core State Standards that provide the content for the overtesting program, and the inBloom data project that tracks the data from all the testing.

It's not like de Blasio and Farina would be swimming upstream against a pro-deform tidal wave if they were to push the state to make changes to the SED ed deform agenda.

If anything, the momentum is anti-deform these days and de Blasio and Farina can ride that wave - if they choose to do so.


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