Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, December 16, 2013

Regents Want $125 Million Extra in 2014-2015 For Common Core PD Money

Buried in the request for a 6% hike in state money for education for the 2014-2015 year is this doozy:

Teaching is the Core: Core Instruction Development Fund 

The Core Instruction Development Fund will represent a $125 million investment in 2014-15, and it will grow to $200 million for 2015-16 and 2016-17. This categorical program is intended to facilitate the state’s seven-year (2010-2017) transition to the Common Core standards. The professional development fund will fund the capacity-building work of districts with a willingness, along with their bargaining units, to commit to systemic change - including significantly more professional development and collaborative planning time in the school day/year. This includes activities to encourage and facilitate parent learning about the Common Core, recognizing that support at home can be a critical resource for student success.
Available funds will be allocated to districts via a formula that recognizes district fiscal capacity. Districts will apply for the available funds by submitting plans for the work that will be undertaken with the funds. Focus School Districts (those with priority and/or focus schools) will receive additional technical assistance in their application process in order to ensure that their plans contain the elements for success.
Allowable professional development costs would include:
 Costs incurred as teachers engage in professional development activities;
 Summer academies;
 Extra periods/after school programming to provide cooperative practice, planning and embedded coaching time;
 Substitute time; or
 Other approved uses of time.
 Local share of costs for professional development services provided by qualified BOCES;
 Costs of payments to approved professional development vendors for large group sessions or smaller group coaching;
 Teacher materials and curricular guides not reimbursed through other programs or provided free; or
 Other reasonable uses to be approved upon application.

Take that $125 million for Common Core PD and spend it on resources for the socio-emotional health of students - things like more counselors, health clinics and after school activities not related to the freaking Common Core.

That's what's needed.

Not more money for Common Core PD.


  1. How much of that,is,going to Pearson...?

    1. A lot of it - and much of the rest will go to outside "experts" and consultants. A little may go to pay for the extra time teachers will be stuck at the PD.

  2. This is backwards--but then what would you expect from the gang that gained fame through their use of the "Were building the plane while we are flying it" video? King and Tisch should not be surprised this badly managed endeavor crashed. What a waste of three quarters of a billion dollars.