Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, December 9, 2013

Randi Weingarten and The Day of Misdirection.

 Oh wait, that's every day for her...

That's Michael Fiorillo's response to Randi Weingarten p.r. over today's "Day of Action" to recalaim the promise of public education.

And indeed, there is a diversionary tactic in this call to action.

Even as our union leaders take millions of dollars from Bill Gates to promote the CCSS, to agree to teacher evaluations tied to test scores, and to collaborate on other education reform policies, they call for "unity" within the ranks of the unions today as they look to send a message to Bill Gates and other education reformers that public education is not for sale.

You see the problem here, don't you.

I let Weingarten know how full of crap I think she is over this stuff (you can see some of that here and here) and you should let her know that too.

By all means support public education today, as you do every day of the year with your work.

Support schools, students, teachers, public school parents and all who keep the system alive.

But also don't forget to let Randi Weingarten know how you see through her hypocrisy, how you know she took $11 million in Gates money to promote and/or collaborate on policies that wreck traditional public schools and the teaching profession.

And don't forget to let everyone else you see today know the same.

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