Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Let De Blasio Know Rahm Emanuel's School CEO And DCPS Rhee Acolyte Are Unacceptable For NYCDOE

Gotham Schools posted rumors that Rahm Emanuel's schools CEO, Barbara Byrd-Bennett, the woman who helped oversee the closing of 50 Chicago schools in one fell swoop this year, is on Bill de Blasio's short list to be NYCDOE chancellor.

The NY Times reported that Michelle Rhee's old DCPS deputy, Kaya Henderson, now the chancellor of DC schools, is also on the de Blasio short list to be chancellor.

De Blasio ran a campaign that was opposed to the Bloomberg corporate education reforms and called for a transition away from them.

And yet, there are rumors that two of the people on his list for chancellor are die-hard corporate education reformers who pursue an anti-teacher, anti-traditional public school agenda in their current jobs.

Both BBB and Henderson are unacceptable to run the DOE.

You should let the de Blasio transition team know this and can do so at his transition website:

Or his transition team twitter feed:

I left some tweets myself:

Now I'm off to write a longer email that makes the same case.

Let de Blasio know that voters gave him a 73% election mandate not to get another four years of the Bloomberg reform policies.


  1. I just emailed his transition team and asked why they can't find a viable education leader from NYC, along with other questions pertaining to the borough where I reside. I did state that if either of these individuals become NYC chancellor, I will never support or vote for him again. As usual, the UFT is a silent partner

    1. Given Mulgrew's hostility toward BdB during the primary, maybe it's best the UFT keeps silent.

  2. Hey RBE in one of our "fair and balanced" newspapers Farina popped up as a candidate.

    A long time ago I worked in the Chancellors District. Helped bring my school's reading score up to 30% from 11%. BBB shut down school and took her protege Thandiwe Peebles to Cleveland. I liked them both but anyone tied to Rahm is a nightmare.

    BDB+Rahm+Clintons+Obama=More of the same.

    1. Just saw the story via NYC Educator tweet and posted it.

      I agree, anyone tied to Rahm would be bad.

  3. Bloomberg's last revenge will be no snow day on Tuesday, a day of a blizzard, making commutes home treacherous for thousands of teachers and over a million children.