Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Charter Schools Get Government-Funded Rent, Co-Location Rights, Extra Per Pupil Cash In Budget Deal

Cuomo got everything Eva and Company wanted:

State leaders reached a tentative deal on a charter school reform package that will increase per pupil spending and provide government-funded rent for the schools for the first time. Also under the deal, if a new charter approved by the city includes a request for space inside existing city buildings, the city would have five-months to make a “reasonable” co-location offer or pay for private space, the sources said.

If the state government is going to provide rent or force co-location plus add extra cash to per pupil spending, are charter schools still "not public schools"?

Because Eva Moskowitz told the state comptroller to go  #$%^ himself when he wanted to audit Success Academies and a judge agreed that charter schools are not public schools so the state comptroller had no jurisdiction over Eva's (or any charter's) finances.

Given all the goodies Eva and the charter operators get now, they certainly should be subject to state audit.

But remember, accountability is only for public schools.

No word on whether SUNY can force charter co-locations in this deal.

Right now, it's reported that it's only if the city approves a new charter that wants to be co-located in a public school building that the city has to come up with a "reasonable" co-location offer or pay the rent of that charter.

We'll have to see the details in full.

But it looks like Eva and the charter entrepreneurs got everything they wanted.


  1. Are you sure, Newsday is reporting this has been dropped.

    1. The Capital Confidential piece I was working off went up at 8:08 PM and it's reported by Ken Lovett.

      Newsday has this:

      "Silver said New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio will be able to continue to deny space to public charter schools in traditional city school buildings. De Blasio had been criticized by Cuomo for rejecting agreements for three charter schools to locate in city schools.

      "The mayor will have to provide alternatives, but it doesn't have to be in the buildings they want," Silver said."

      That sounds pretty much like what Lovett was reporting - charters get either money from the city or space, but one way or the other, the city is on the hook for it.

      Still, this stuff is always fluid, so who knows?

    2. I am sickened by this. Cuomo is nothing but a whore and a panderer.

  2. Ironic that Moskowitz and her cronies can spend $3 million dollars on an ad campaign demonizing deBlasio, but somehow can't cough up the money to pay RENT to the public schools.
    Why isn't the tax paying PUBLIC screaming about this? It seems, in essence, that our money is supporting TWO public school systems here. The CITY is on the hook for it? No, it's us, the public, paying for the politics of this situation here.

    1. Essentially taxpayers will be funding her money for p.r. and her political donations too.

  3. The growing edifice of hypocrisy, deception, greed, corruption and sadistic will-to-power is just sickening to behold.

    What a bleak, bleak time: cravenness on the part of those who should be representing us; fear, apathy and ignorance on the part of most of our colleagues; aggressive predation by the privateers and their political courtesans.

    We're screwed, folks, we're screwed...

    1. Used your comment for a new post, Michael. As usual, you nailed it right.

  4. I thought New Jersey government was a joke. Not anymore.

    Just finished this;

    1. NY State just as bad as NJ. Just as corrupt. And Cuomo just as big a bully as Christie, only more subtle about it.

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