Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, April 4, 2014

Cuomo Administration: Middle Class Is $300,000 A Year, Upper Middle Is $500,000

The Cuomo administration explaining its "middle class tax cuts":

In defense of new regressive tax cuts in the most economically unequal state in America, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s top aide tonight told the Journal News that those making $500,000 a year are merely “upper middle class” and those making $300,000 a year are “middle class.” In fact, the median household income in New York is $53,046 and in wealthy Westchester County it is $79,585. According to Citizens for Tax Justice, those making $500,000 a year salary are among the top 1 percent of New York’s earners. - Sirota

Yeah, middle class is $300,000 a year, upper middle class is $500,000 a year.

They must be talking about Eva Moskowitz, who makes over $475,000 a year.

Not too many people in that "middle class" tax bracket.

Andrew Cuomo, class warrior, cutting taxes for his wealthy campaign donors, then claiming he's helping out the "middle class."


  1. Well, if $300K is middle class, then I would LOVE to be in the middle class. Based on my current salary, I must therefore be poor . . . .

  2. Damn, then all top salary teachers in NYC would have to apply for food stamps if you go by Cuomo's tax bracket (or more like tax racket).

    1. Except that Obama and the Congress have cut food stamps a few times over the past few years. Soon that program will be nothing but a shell. People of truly modest means, the working poor, are having their benefits cut!

  3. Not far from Bloomberg's comment when the Obama's came to NY to see a show during Barry's first term. Ole Michael said that even a family of modest means earning $400,000. a year can enjoy a show in NY.
    They are living in another stratosphere and don't give a flying f___ about anyone living outside of that bubble.

  4. Mario Cuomo must be bewildered at the Trojan Horse Andrew has turned out to be; much like Obama. The greed and hypocrisy is rank.