Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tell Me Again Why Eva Moskowitz Can't Pay Rent?

Eliza Shapiro at Capital NY:

The Success Academy charter school network raised more than $7 million at a spring dinner headlined by former Florida governor Jeb Bush last night, according to a report in Business Insider.
About 750 people attended the second annual spring benefit at Cipriani 42nd Street, which a spokesperson said was intended to be closed to the press.

The attendees included board members from the Success schools, teachers, students, Wall Street executives and representatives from the Robin Hood Foundation, which helps fund Success, a source in attendance told Capital.

$7 million dollars they raised.

This after playing the victim card over rent and getting ally Andy Cuomo to force the city to have to pony up for rent for poor, poor Success Academies.

What an obscenity this is.

I'd say, for shame Eva Moskowitz for playing the victim card, for shame Governor Cuomo for enabling her, but the truth is, neither of these people have any shame at all.

Speaking of having no shame, our old friend Campbell Brown was at this shindig, spewing anti-union, anti-teacher venom, calling herself a "a soldier in Eva's army."

You know, the usual Campbell Brown nonsense.

She did get one thing right, however, when she said this:

"This is a screwed-up system," she said.

It sure is, when Eva can raise $7 million at the drop of a hat from the plutocrats and beautiful people in this city, yet still get to play the victim card, claim poverty over paying rent, and then get the state to force the city to take money and resources from public schools and give them to Eva and her Success Academies.

A screwed-up system indeed.

But par for the course in plutocratic 21st Century America.


  1. Manhattan is filled with wealthy scum like this...for real. According to them...we are lucky to smell their,occasional farts...for real.

  2. Eva needs to siphon off money for political campaign contributions as well as for her charmed existence. The question you should be asking is why we don't feel incredibly honored by generously sharing our tax dollars with her?

  3. We should also grovel to her for ever thinking that she should show her financial books to the public, since she's taking our tax dollars in payment. Also, soooooo sorry Eva...who's the idiot who suggested you should pay rent for your franchise locations?

  4. Yes, it's Eva's city and her school system. No doubt about it.

    She's arrogant enough, however, that there may yet be some comeuppance for her.

    We'll see - I have a hard time seeing her go through the rest of her career without some former employee and/or one of her charter rivals revealing something that does a lot of damage on her.