Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Cuomo On The Run From Reporters also reported that Cuomo refused to take questions from the press after the  speech he gave to business people at the CenterState CEO annual luncheon:

After the speech, Cuomo didn't take questions from the press. His staff said his schedule in Syracuse was tight and that the speech started late.

The luncheon cost $65 to $80 per person, or $625 to $775 per table of 10 seats, according to CenterState's website.

I haven't seen any video of this, which is a shame, because the only thing funnier than the thought of Sheriff Andy Cuomo running from reporters to avoid questions about his Moreland Commission shutdown and the furor he caused when he unceremoniously ended it is video of Sheriff Andy running from reporters to avoid questions about his Moreland Commission shutdown and the furor he caused when he unceremoniously ended it.

That Cuomo is now running away from reporters rather than bullshitting his way through these impromptu press gaggles that occur when he gives speeches or makes official appearances around the state is an indication of just how much of a problem this Moreland mess is for Sheriff Andy.

Clearly he's worried about something or he wouldn't be running from the press.


  1. I'm so happy. Keep us updated!!!

    1. Yes, this is the first time we have seen Cuomo taking sustained heat from the press, it's great to see. I hope they keep this up. Couple the press scrutinizing Cuomo w/ Bharara picking up the Moreland investigations and looking into Cuomo's meddling, and we could see Cuomo end up on the defensive as much as his friend Chris Christie is in NJ over Bridgegate, Sandy Aid and Port Authority conflicts of interests. We're not there yet with Cuomo, but if he receives the scrutiny, they will find the dirt and corruption.

    2. What a lovely thought...

    3. On a side note, did you see Sheriff Andy got $188,000+ advance for his book? Who is going to read this book, let alone buy it? It's a total vanity project.

  2. Martin Scorsese created a movie about inside corruption of a state and police agency called "The Departed". Maybe he can create a movie about Cuomo called "Moreland - the Corrupted".

    It's fascinating to see a control freak like Cuomo losing control of keeping all his lies "undercover".

  3. I'm not a fan of Bill Hammond, but he had an Op-Ed piece in Today's Daily News ("Cuomo's tarnished victory") that was very critical of Sheriff Andy's political tactics, that he was using the commission's findings "as a political bludgeon."

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