Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Cuomo Announces Contract Deal Between MTA And TWU 100 - Raises In Each Year + Full Retro (UPDATE - 3:27 PM)

Here's a TWU 100 update:

Cuomo was asked at the press conference if this new TWU 100 contract sets the pattern for city contracts (no link, I was watching it live.)

Remember that he said a few months ago that the state pattern set the pattern for the city too.

That was when the pattern was three years of wage freezes and 4% over the final two years of a five year contract - the pattern set by the CSEA contract in 2011.

But now Cuomo says the state pattern is "separate" from the city pattern, de Blasio has his own negotiations to handle that are separate from the state's.

Funny how that changed.

More later as we get more details on the contract.

The big news appears to be there is a raise in each year of the contract and full retro for TWU 100 workers.

But the devil is, as always, in the details.

UPDATED - 3:27 PM:

So less than half the 17% recommended by the federal panel but a little more than double the CSEA deal that set the pattern back in 2011.

Also, there's this:

Not a great deal, in my opinion, given the panel recommendations and the leverage the unions had over Cuomo in a re-election year when he in no way wanted even the threat of a summer subway or LIRR strike.

But the deal does allow the city unions to claim full retro has to be on the table since TWU 100 says that's what they got.

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