Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Siena Poll: Overwhelming Majority Of New Yorkers Say Education Hasn't Improved Under Cuomo

We're going to have a whole host of bad news for Sheriff Andy Cuomo from the Siena poll that was released today.

The biggest piece of bad news from the poll is that a third party candidate would do some serious damage to Sheriff Andy's totals against GOP challenger Rob Astorino, as I posted about earlier.

But there's more bad news for Sheriff Andy in the poll too - bad news like this:

The survey by Siena College finds only 15 percent think the quality of education has improved under Cuomo, 41 percent think it's gotten worse, and 38 percent say it's unchanged.

79% of New Yorkers say the quality of education in New York State has either stay the same or gotten worse - with the biggest group saying it's gotten worse.

Only 15% of New Yorkers think the quality of education has gotten better under Sheriff Andy's leadership.

Cuomo may want to shove the responsibility for education policy off onto the Regents or SED (although his budget does more to steer education policy than either the Regents or SED), but voters aren't buying it.


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