Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Who's Eva Moskowitz Kidding?

Eva Moskowitz raised $7.75 million dollars from her Wall Street and corporate backers at the second annual spring fundraiser for Success Academies.

Think about that number for a minute - $7.75 million.

Then, as she was thanking the governor and the legislature at her spring fundraiser for forcing New York City to either co-locate her schools or pony up money for rent, she said this about the battle between her and Mayor de Blasio:

Then Moskowitz added, without smiling, "We faced an existential threat to our existence."


She just raised $7.75 million dollars at her second annual spring fundraiser.

She has a who's who of Wall Street and hedge fund criminals on her board.

Jeb Bush came by to headline her fundraiser.

And she's saying, with a straight face, that Success Academies "faced an existential threat to our existence"?

Who's she kidding?

She might believe her own b.s., and given the $4 million+ dollars pro-charter backers spent on ads pummeling de Blasio over the charter school issue a while back, some in the public may be fooled into believing her b.s. too.

But if you're paying attention, you know she's full of crap.

Nobody who raises $7.75 million at a spring fundraiser or has the backing of the financial elites faces an existential threat to their existence.

No one.


  1. Hey, if what went down recently was not made of the stuff that gave Sartre and Camus nightmares,I surely don't know what is.

  2. Sartre....Camus...-sorry...only non-fiction allowed...these names will fade into oblivion if the CCore peeps have their way with the population...

    1. if these people get their way, even non-fiction will eventually disappear, leaving public school students with "informational text," i.e., job training and electronic device manuals.