Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Union Doormen And Handymen Get Contract With No Givebacks

Obviously a different thing than the municipal unions, but wanted to point out what looks to be a pretty good contract:

The union representing doormen and handymen reached a tentative agreement Friday with the Realty Advisory Board, averting a possible strike that would have affected thousands of city residents.

Service Employees International Union 32 BJ agreed to a four-year deal that includes a 11.3% raise for doormen, supers, handymen and porters who work in residential buildings.

If ratified by the SEIU 32BJ membership, the deal will cover 30,000 union workers in 3,300 buildings across the five boroughs.

The tentative agreement contained no givebacks and workers' pensions and health care packages are protected, the union said.

"We are proud to say that we have made it a little easier for 30,000 New Yorkers to make this city their home," said Hector Figueroa, president of SEIU 32BJ. "In a city that has become increasingly unequal, this contract will keep 30,000 building workers on a pathway to the middle class, which will also benefit the communities in which they live."

SEIU 32BJ's members are the highest-paid residential building service workers in the country. The tentative agreement includes a wage increase of 2.7% each year for four years.

That will bring the average wage for a New York City doorman from $44,389 to $49,402 by the contract's end.

The union's generous health care package - with no employee contributions - remains intact, as does its defined benefit pension plan. 

Landlords and condos are raking the money in these days, with rents in Manhattan up and prices for available condos higher than ever, so why shouldn't the doormen and handymen get an 11.3% raise with no givebacks and share in some of that?

Here's how the New York Observer described the contract:

In a city with growing inequality, the doormen’s union has become a rare bulwark of the middle class.

The deal will keep members ahead of inflation and the rising cost of living, according to the union, working out to a wage increase of some $4,972 for doormen over the next four years that will bring salaries to just under $50,000 in 2018. Though union members’ salary is also supplemented via tips and the deal will protect members’ pension and health care plans.

“This contract will allow me to pay my bills and get out of debt,” said Manhattan doorman Donald Killings in a statement. “The truth is, it’s a matter of respect. It makes me feel like I’m really respected on the job. And I won’t have to take on another job, as I have in the past.”

I'll be frank - I want the 4%-4% all the other municipal unions got for the 2009/2010 pattern, but after that catch-up contract, I would be happy with a 2.7% wage increase with no givebacks per year for four years.

But I'm pretty sure the UFT will negotiate something that "scrapes the skies" and sells off the few protections teachers have left for a measly few percentage points.

That's been my experience in the three contracts I have been around for.

Of course, I suppose getting a few percentage points for a sell-out on work protections is better than agreeing to it for free the way they did with APPR and RttT.


  1. Tp paraphrase the great NYC journalist Murray Kempton, what lesser people would sell off for money, Weingrew give away for nothing.

    1. They gave away the store with APPR and of course told us it "scraped the skies."

  2. TeachmyclassMrMayor(andyoutooMrMulgrew)April 12, 2014 at 12:37 PM

    There is no doubt that despite the Twitter feed claims to the contrary. WeinGrew will continue to claim the seat at the table is more important than good contract, and remember when they do it this time, they will also help screw the other city workers. Look out NYPD and SDNY, do yourselves a favor and make sure your unions lead these discussions, or will find your new contract the worst you've ever seen

    1. Good point about the UFT screwing it up for everybody else. That's certainly a possibility if we get the contract that sets the pattern. Uncle Mikey screwing everybody, I can see that happening.

  3. Let's ask why our dues to the UFT are almost double those in Westchester County, where the salaries are topping out at 129k and more. Do we get more bang for our dues?

    No, it's because our dues pay double salaries of Mulgrew, Barr, Hines, Freiser, all the DRs, special reps, all the way down, anyone full time at the UFT gets a DOE salary, and a UFT salary, plus a stipend. The DOE salary is reimbursed by the UFT to the DOE. This is why they wait forever to retire. $150,000. a year plus two pensions upon retirement.

    We are paying for this chunk of change. Most of the DRs are at about $150,000. and they get their blackberry thrown in.

    I am wondering if the NYSUT people who were just voted out are going back to the classroom, of course, if they don't retire.

    I am voting for Howie Hawkins.

  4. And that's why those who signed the loyalty oath will continue to kiss Weingrew's ring and kowtow to them. You can only get a double pension when you give up your democracy for the sake of the Unity leadership.

    1. Yes, but many of the Unity functionaries don't get those perks. Yes, they have the possibility of getting them some time if they play their cards right, but most of these people who booed MORE and the people who walked out on Bill Gates get nothing extra except some free grub.

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  6. Doormen with 25 years of service get a pension of $1,300.00 a month. What the hell kind of money is that. As if that is not bad enough the pension tops of at 25 years. if you work 45 years you still get the same amount. 32 BJ is pathetic.

  7. Doormen with 25 years of service get a pension of $1,300.00 a month. What the hell kind of money is that. As if that is not bad enough the pension tops of at 25 years. if you work 45 years you still get the same amount. 32 BJ is pathetic.