Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Assembly Dems Cave To Cuomo

And so the sell-out from Assembly Dems has begun:

A two-way ethics deal was struck on Tuesday between Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Democrats in the Assembly, an apparent tactic to pressure Senate Republicans to agree to broader reforms.

Details on the agreement are hazy, but Cuomo and state lawmakers said it was within the broad parameters of what the governor had sought on private client disclosure for those who have business before the state, per diem reform and requiring public officials convicted of corruption to surrender their pensions.

More details are expected on Wednesday, but the ethics legislation agreed to was done with the understanding it would be included in the final budget agreement.

The deal, announced in an impromptu press conference outside the Assembly chamber, was struck at the exclusion of majority Republicans in the state Senate and comes as GOP lawmakers have insisted they wanted an on-time budget that was not hampered by debates over non-fiscal policy concerns.

“We have an agreement on the areas that the governor laid out earlier,” Heastie said while standing next to Cuomo this evening at the Capitol. “We’ll have the details tomorrow. We’re happy in this place.”

Added Cuomo: “I’m more than happy with this package.”


Cuomo was pointed in his praise for the Assembly reaching an agreement, with about three weeks to go before the state budget is due.

“I want to applaud the speaker and the Assembly for stepping up and establishing a standard that has never been established before,” Cuomo said. “There is going to be more disclosure, more transparency than has ever existed in this government.”

Not much in the way of details, but from the body language and words, it seems Cuomo got what he wanted and gave little in return.

Doesn't look like Cuomo will be subject to any of this "reform" in the agreement - just the legislature.

Gee, what a fantastic "win".

Better hope this isn't a blueprint for the rest of budget negotiations, but I suspect it is.

Dems caving to Cuomo.

Same old same old.

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