Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Weingarten Tries To Spin Her Support Of Bank Lobbyist/Ed Deformer Kathy Hochul

AFT President Randi Weingarten and Arthur Goldstein were having a twitter conversation today over Weingarten's support of Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul during the primary (which you can read about here.)

Weingarten robocalled for Hochul during a pivotal moment of the campaign when it looked like challenger Tim Wu could actually pull off an upset.

She wasn't the only "progressive" dragged out for the robocalls by the Cuomo campaign - NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio taped one as well.

After Wu lost the primary to Hochul, he said that his campaign's internal polls had shown him closing on Hochul, but the tide turned after the robocalls went out.

It seems prominent "progressives" like de Blasio and Weingarten supporting Hochul assured enough New York City voters that she was all right, they could safely vote for her.

Weingarten has continually claimed that supporting Hochul publicly was payback for Hochul's support of public education when she was in Congress - but Hochul was only in Congress a short period of time (less than one-full term), so that rationale for Hochul support is absurd.

Weingarten has also said she doesn't think Hochul is in the "everything against" camp when it comes to public education, but as we know from history, any time anybody works for Andrew Cuomo, you either do EVERYTHING Cuomo wants you to do or you don't take the job.

So Hochul's acceptance of the LG gig under Cuomo was an explicit admission that she would be in the "everything against" camp because that's where her boss, Andrew Cuomo, wants her.

Which is EXACTLY where she was this week as she keynoted for the Cuomo administration at Eva Moskowitz's pro-charter Albany rally.

I try and stay out of the Weingarten jive-fests on Twitter these days because it's unproductive trying to argue with a pathological liar, but every once in a while Randi's lies, half-truths and evasions get to be too much and I have to jump in.

This is one of those times:

To which I replied:

Mary Ahern made another good point about the way Weingarten helped out the Cuomo campaign during the primary:

Which reminded me about this:

Weingarten replied just once to my tweets:

To which I replied:

So far, no response from Weingarten on that.

This back and forth with Randi gets tiring after awhile, which is why I don't engage in it much anymore, but every once in a while it's important to jump in a point out how full of crap Randi is.

To that end, I'll finish this post with I think the takeway from all this is:


  1. Randi is paid by her benefactors to work full time against the interests of public school children and public school teachers. The only irony remaining is the belief of teachers that she is supposed to represent us.

  2. In other words, she is a mole recruited to destroy the union from within. She isn't qualified to lead it in the first place.

  3. Randi is scheduled to be the keynote speaker at a pro-Common Core rally in West Virginia.

  4. It nauseates me to see my mandatory dues go to the AFT/Randi Weingarten. The last time she stood in front of a classroom of children and was responsible for their education was decades ago. She is so out of touch with the realities that real teachers face today that she should be ashamed to show her face.

    Let's face it: Our union leaders on every level have repeatedly sold us out. I have no doubt that another sellout is on its way, but these same union leaders who so happily take our dues money and spend it on themselves will try to spin it as a victory.

  5. I did my time debating and parsing with Weingarten - from 1998-2001 in emails. One day it came to me -- this wasn't a debate - it was her attempt to spin me - I know, I know -- I was slow. At the time she took over from the Feldman/Shanker regime she seemed so much more open - and she was -- but it was not really open -- but a tactic - and it has worked for her for a long time though she has been wrong on so many things and defends everything she does it has worn very thin.

  6. Let's all face it; the union movement has done itself irreparable harm in the past 10 years and continuing to this day. The leaders are increasingly detached from the daily concerns of those of us in the classroom. Their constant cheerleading for left wing politicians, regardless of their terrible policies has helped bring us to the present crisis. Common Core, Race to to the Top, APPR, Tier 5 and Tier 6, charter school expansion and Cuomo's new War on Public Education are all reason enough for every leader to resign in failure.

    I see no logical reason why every NYSUT member should not be able to cast a personal ballot for every executive office in the statewide union. The fact we do not directly elect these individuals is a disgrace and outrage. We should also have a vote on Randi Weingarten, who is one of the worst labor leaders in America.

  7. Not one of the worst...THE WORST!

  8. I love you guys for even bothering with talking to weingrovel. I can't stand listening to her shite. She's blocked.

  9. Thanks for keeping the unsuspecting informed about Rhonda. There's a sucker born every minute.

    Sean Crowley will be on my payroll after the next election.

  10. ROBO RANDI: Entrenchment shows, and it's surprising to see her admit the robocall was her part of a transactional model of politics, delivering thousands of votes at minimum when the stakes were incredible for NY teachers, students and schools.

    OWE YA ONE? We can only wonder what favor Randi got from Hochul, because she isn't saying what the Congresswoman did that was in the interest of US teachers to earn this 'payback'.

    EVEN WORSE: I'd like to understand why Randi okayed teacher evaluations based on junk science and vaporware metrics. I read the APPR/VAM technical sheet for NY and it struck me as the methodology of a sports betting operation that seeks to be right the highest percentage of the time without giving a shazam about the individual student, teacher, school, district or state.

    FLIP OR FLOP? Randi has un-endorsed APPR, but refused on @KoJoshow to stand up for teacher opt outs. Compare her to Lily Eskelson Garcia who says stop the testing...