Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, March 23, 2015

Cuomo Job Approval Falls In Siena Poll, Down To 43%

New Yorkers do not like the job Governor Andrew Cuomo is doing.

His job approval rating has fallen to 43% in the latest Siena poll, down from 44% in the last poll.

His personal favorability rating remains high - it's at 57% - but that number has dropped since the last poll too.

As for his policies, well, they're not any more positive than his job approval numbers.

80% disagree with his policy to delete emails after 90 days.

77% disagree with his upstate Hunger Games competition that has 7 regions competing for 3 pots of state gold.

Majorities of New Yorkers want both ethics reform and education policy negotiations stripped from the budget and completed on their own.

And New Yorkers back teachers unions over Cuomo 51%-40% in the education battle.

(The Q poll had voters backing teachers over Cuomo 55%-28% last week, but the question was asked a little differently in that poll, perhaps accounting for the difference in findings.)

In all, another bad poll for Cuomo as we get near the budget deadline.

He is weakened, his policies are unpopular and New Yorkers do not like the job he is doing as governor.

Alas, instead of taking advantage of this weakness, word is, Mike Mulgrew is "negotiating" with Cuomo on education policy himself.

Long-time readers of this blog know just how dangerous that story, if true, is.

There show be NO compromise with Cuomo on education.

The public is with us in the battle against Cuomo.


  1. A cornered animal is the most dagerous animal.

  2. cuomo is losing his sense of reality. I am now reading how cuomo is spending almost 2 million dollars to defend not spending more money on schools!!!! This is so crazy people. Say it again, cuomo is spending almost two million dollars to defend his policy of short changing schools of funding. Wow this is becoming almost middle eastern existance and governing people....quite can it be that these politicians can be so inept, so stupid, so gullible, so devilish, so incompetent. This is truly amazing to me that cuomo is paying all this money to not fund schools. OMG