Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Going To Be A Fun Day For A Rally

Amusing headline from Capitol Confidential on the weather for tomorrow's charter school rally in Albany:

Weather update, or: Does Mother Nature hate charter schools?

This just in from the Capitol Confidential weather desk: It’s going to be a miserable day for a rally tomorrow.

Eva Moskowitz’s Success Academy charter school network is poised to descend upon the Capitol for a massive outdoor rally Wednesday as charter groups and public education advocates square off again this year amid bold education proposals from the governor. Last year’s event was freezing cold but sunny and featured Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos and thousands of smiling children.

This year’s rally? Snow, sleet, rain, wind, mud, clouds, that perfect temperature zone where you think it’s going to be warmer than it actually is. Yeah, it’s going to be one of those late-winter upstate days.

From Eva's perspective, the worse the weather is, the more it reflects positively on the "grit" of her "scholars" and their families.

Looks like they'll be plenty of opportunity to show some "grit" tomorrow.


  1. Looks like taxpayer dollars were used to pay state employees to clear snow from the east lawn at the NYS capitol so the charter school has space for their rally. WNYT reports that rally organizers will reimburse the state for any extra costs. I hope someone follows through to see if this happens.

  2. I've heard it oft-repeated that Eva was full of grit.