Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, March 16, 2015

What Is John Flanagan Doing For The Money?

Dovetailing with the Newsday story yesterday that investigated just how Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos is making $250K for a law firm where he is listed as having no specialty (he's just "of counsel") comes this Daily News report about Senate Education Committee Chair John Flanagan:

ALBANY — A veteran Long Island state senator voted on a host of bills that benefited clients of a law firm for which he works, the Daily News has learned.

In addition to being a longtime state lawmaker who chairs the Senate Education Committee, John Flanagan (R-Suffolk County) is “of counsel” at Forchelli, Curto, Deegan, Schwartz, Mineo & Terrana in Uniondale, where he reported making between $100,000 and $150,000 in 2013.

A number of the clients listed on the law firm’s website have business before the state, including Cablevision, Chase Bank, and Citibank.

The firm also lists as clients different colleges, governments and other groups with matters before the state.


Government reform advocates say there is at the very least an appearance of a conflict of interest that should have led Flanagan to either recuse himself from votes impacting clients of his law firm or publicly disclose the ties.

“There should be a desire to avoid even the appearance of impropriety and undue influence,” said Susan Lerner, of Common Cause/New York.

In a number of cases, Flanagan voted in favor of bills on which public records show clients of his law firm had lobbied.

Skelos and Flanagan ought to follow Shelly Silver and get a ride downtown in a police car too.


  1. cuomo, bloomberg, klein, walcott, black, tisch, families for excellent schools, michelle rhee, campbell (GED) brown - well any questions

    1. Is it true that our famous educational genius campbell brown earned only a GED?? Imagine, only in America can a nit wit with a GED make a push regarding master degree teachers!! Article states that she earned a GED and converted to Judaism for her husband..a guy named Dan Senor some billionaire who is giving the HS drop out GED Campbell a forum

  2. This is the tip of the iceberg on Flanagan. Tons more to come out.

  3. Flanagan--when Shelly got indicted people like Skelos, Flanagan, DeFrancisco and Nozzolio started to quake in their shoes. Absent their state government connections who would hire those people to represent them on a legal matter. They have been taking big money and cannot produce a work product proving they ever handled a legal case--all they did is stick out their hand palm up. They sold out the people they represent for their own personal wealth. Pathetic