Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, March 20, 2015

Incompetents At NYSED Fail To Issue Cut Scores For Nearly Half Of Teacher Certification Tests

More evidence of NYSED incompetence:

The union representing State University of New York professors on Thursday said the state Education Department has failed to issue the passing or "cut" scores required for nearly half of their new tests, which aspiring K-12 teachers must take before they can become certified.

Even though students had to begin taking the certification tests last September, pass grades for 17 of the 40 Content Specialty Test have yet to be established, according to United University Professions.

"This is creating an extreme hardship for recent graduates from teacher education programs seeking employment as teachers, as well as certified teachers seeking additional certificates," UUP President Frederick Kowal said in a prepared statement.

"Certification applications are being held up and SED has not provided a date as to when the passing scores will actually be available."

NYSED's response?

Education Department spokesman Dennis Tompkins said the department has followed standard protocols to review test questions and to make recommendations for appropriate passing scores. "A review of these findings will be completed shortly, and passing scores will be released as soon as possible," he said in a statement.

"As soon as possible"?

Oh, well - I'm glad SED cleared that up.

Can't wait to see how they handle Governor Cuomo's vaunted new evaluation system wherein test scores are worth 50% of a teacher's rating and outside observers will account for another 35%.

That means 85% of a rating will be calculated by the incompetents at NYSED.

That should go swimmingly.


  1. Guide to Establishing Cut Scores

    List all scores on Excel spread sheet.

    Calculate the 70% failure rate.

    Set cut score.

    Isn't that easy psychometricians?

  2. Dennis Tomkins....
    Previous NYSUT spokesman.
    Previous DiNapoli spokesman.
    Current NYSED spokesman.

    He gets around...