Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Merry Tisch Claims: "When People Push Back, I Listen."

Buried at the end of this Newsday article on a change the Board of Regents are proposing around graduation is this:

During the past year, the Regents have faced a rising tide of anti-test protests by parents and teachers unions who are angered by added pressures on students and on teachers, whose performance evaluations depend partly on test results.

On Long Island, protest rallies in Brookville, Patchogue, Old Westbury and Hicksville over the past week have drawn thousands of participants.

On March 10, state lawmakers led by Assembly Democrats responded to public anger by ousting two longtime Regents who had sought new terms.

Merryl Tisch of Manhattan, chancellor of the Regents board, who has led a drive for higher academic standards since 2010, said Monday she would resist any move to reverse course. Tisch acknowledged, however, that greater flexibility in graduation requirements is needed.

"When people push back, I listen," she said.

Sure you do.

Were it not for the Assembly ousting some long-time Regents like Bob Bennett, you wouldn't have cared a whit about the pushback.

That much was clear during the Common Core Tour you and former NYSED Commissioner John King took after King had his Poughkeepsie meltdown and railed at parents.

It was clear during the Common Core Tour that you were putting on a dog and pony show and planning no substantive changes as a result of the feedback you got from students, parents or teachers about the state's education policies.

Now after a couple of fellow ed deform shills on the Board of Regents get whacked, you're claiming to be responsive.

You fool no one with these claims.

Actions speak louder than words and your actions in support of a top-down corporate education reform model for the school system have been loud and clear.


  1. I find it to be quite interesting that Senate Education Committee Chairman John J. Flanagan abstained from voting on several of the new Regents. Apparently he was miffed that Assembly Democrats ignored him during the interview/selection process. They know Flanagan hates public schools and public school teachers and has taken tens of thousands of dollars from the charter school ground.

    Flanagan did, however, cast his ballot for Roger Tilles, despite Tilles stating he now regrets his past support of the Cuomo/King/Flanagan agenda and opposes Cuomo's current attack on public schools.

    Why did Flanagan support Tilles and not several others? Take a look at Flanagan's campaign finance disclosure statements on the state Board of Elections website. Roger Tilles has made several contributions to the senator's campaign.

  2. If possible we need to embarrass Tuschie by having 20-30% of students opt out from her inappropriate (and inappropriately used) assessments. If totally embarrassed this lady will cave and retire. If not we are stuck with her in a key leadership position for one more year. Promote OPT-OUT!

  3. Now that she is about to get fired, she claims to listen. This one shops at Bloomingdales, feasts with Mr. and Mrs Joel Klein on holidays, vacations in the Hamptons and sits iin the best seats at Giant games. With all due respect, Tuschie does not listen. She is an all star player for Team 1%. She is wealthy, privileged and ignorant about public school education. She never went to a public school; she never taught in a public school; she is an ass.

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