Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, June 29, 2015

Big Motivation For Cuomo During Legislative Session Was To Screw De Blasio

From Fred Dicker's NY Post column today:

Cuomo, sources in both parties said, was motivated by a desire to deny credit to de Blasio on housing (by rejecting the 421-a construction incentive proposal) and education policy (by granting him a mere one year extension of mayoral control of the schools) as well as by a commitment to some of his big-money contributors who favored aid to private schools.

Imagine that one of the primary motivations for the governor of the State of New York was to ensure that the mayor of New York City had his political agenda shunted aside, not because the governor was necessarily opposed to that agenda but simply because he wanted to deny the mayor credit.

What damage was done to Andrew Cuomo as a child that he continues to act like a petulant brat and bully throughout his adult life?

I wrote this earlier today, but it bears repeating:

It says an awful lot about Andrew Cuomo, alpha male, that a primary motivation in policy-making is remaining top dog.


  1. Even Satan wants no part of Cuomo in hell.

  2. Quid Pro Quomo needs to explain how he (along with Tuschie and King John) declared that 70% of HS graduates were not college and career ready while 12,000 out of 15,000 people tested last year passed the exam given to qualify as a NY State Correction Officer. Strange--wouldn't you say?