Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Cuomo Puts Blame Onto Preet Bharara If Rent Regulations, 421-a Expire

No, really:

ALBANY—State lawmakers are now seriously contemplating the loss of two major housing programs, and suggested that federal prosecutors hamstrung their ability to cut a deal.

With two scheduled session days remaining before the programs expire Monday, Governor Andrew Cuomo and other legislators began speaking more openly about how the cloud of scandal—including the indictment of both legislative leaders—has made it more difficult to get things done.

“If there was a different time and a different climate, I might just put everyone in a room and try to negotiate this myself. But with this climate in Albany, it's not conducive to that,” Cuomo told reporters after a rally. 
Preet Bharara, the U.S. attorney for the southern district of Manhattan, brought charges against both Assemblyman Sheldon Silver and State Senator Dean Skelos that prompted their replacement as members of the infamous “three men in a room.” The charges against both former leaders stemmed, in part, from their interactions with executives at Glenwood Management, a real estate development firm and major political donor that is heavily interested in rent regulations and the 421-a property tax subsidy program. Both expire June 15.
As Capital had reported, Cuomo confirmed on Wednesday that he is now seeking a short-term, straight extension of the 421-a program. The governor told reporters after a rally that it was “under a microscope” and that any potential changes would “benefit some political interest” and “generate snarky news pieces.”

Sorry Andy, it's not Preet's fault you've taken boatloads of cash from Glenwood in return for sweetheart deals in the past and now worry that you're next for arrest.

Nor is it Preet's fault you lied, er, forgot, about those meetings you had with Glenwood's bagman (now known as "Cooperating Witness-1" in the Skelos case) the last time these housing programs were set to expire.

If rent regulations expire and "mayhem" ensues (as you said would happen yesterday), that's your fault, not Preet's.


  1. I agree completely. Well said!

  2. Cuomo and his landlord pals would like nothing more than to let rent regulations lapse, and any excuse is useful...

  3. This is old hat. They punish some constituent group with the hope of blaming someone else. One of the older tricks in the book and really really a stretch.
    Sort of gross.

  4. NY has been so corrupt for so long that politicians now have the nerve to blame Bahara for disrupting their scams. They are pathetic! Looking to take the money from the oligarchs in return for doing their will. They constantly talk about doing the work of the people while selling the people out and doing the work of the donors. If you cannot legislate in NY State without making corrupt deals get out of town! Cuomo, DiFrancisco, Bonacic this is pure nonsense..."big brother is looking over our shoulder," so we cannot do our job!