Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, June 22, 2015

Cuomo In Hiding For Eight Straight Days And Counting

Where oh where has Governor Cuomo gone?

Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie told reporters on Monday morning he had a “nice conversation” with Gov. Andrew and his Republican counterpart in the Senate, Majority Leader John Flanagan.

But agreements on an extension of rent control laws for New York City, as well as mayoral control of New York City schools and a real-estate tax abatement remain elusive.

“We’re talking, the governor, Senator Flanagan and I, we had a nice conversation this morning,” Heastie said after the hour-long meeting. “There’s no agreement, so for me to tell you something now, it could change.”


Heastie said he was unsure whether the Legislature would have to stay here for the rest of the week in order to secure a deal.

As for the governor, Cuomo has not been seen in a public venue since June 14, when he appeared at a news conference in Yonkers unveiling a $100 million struggling schools fund.

“That’s for you to ask him,” Heastie said when asked about Cuomo’s lack of visibility. “I have to represent the interests of the conference and that’s what I’ve been doing.”

Why's Cuomo in hiding these past eight days?

He was so visible for a while there, hammering home the education tax credit issue.

Then came the Yonkers PR set piece where he introduced the $100 million for "struggling" schools above NYC fund, a fund that he said was not linked to his tax credit, and he hasn't been seen since.


Anybody got any idea why he's in hiding?


  1. In a suite at the Albany motor lodge with a quarter ounce of cocaine and a pistol?

    1. I tried to put a smiley face, but it didn't print correctly.

  2. i wonder who they will find first :-Cuomo or the 2 escaped prisoners?

  3. 7:33- Really? Inappropriate...

  4. @4:51 I laughed out loud and would love for it to be true. You know what's really inappropriate? A corrupt governor in bed with billionaires!

  5. He'll re-emerge within a day or so. It will be explained away or not. He'll come out saying some awful shit that runs contrary to the good and that is backed by billionaires. And thats it.