Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, June 8, 2015

“Nobody On The Inside Doubts That Bharara’s Ultimate Target Is The Governor Himself.’’ -- Albany Insider

Echoing Bill Hammond of the Daily News and the NT2 blog, Fred Dicker has a "What's Wrong With Cuomo?" piece in the NY Post that describes an increasingly isolated, paranoid Governor Andrew Cuomo paralyzed by fear that the US attorney is coming for him:

Paralysis and “paranoia’’ brought on by Preet Bharara’s ongoing corruption probe have come to define Gov. Cuomo and his administration with just seven days to go in the legislative session, a worried Cuomo ally and others have told The Post.

“Something is wrong. The place is paralyzed and the governor is not right. He seems frantic at times. He’s not acting the way he normally did,’’ said the ally, a prominent Cuomo political backer and longtime associate who has contact with the governor’s administration on a near-daily basis.

“Cuomo is paranoid, his staff is paranoid and nobody can make a decision on key issues, like the [about-to-expire housing construction subsidy] 421-a program and other big outstanding issues.
“Hardly anything is getting done, Cuomo has gone into seclusion, you can’t get to him, you don’t know what he’s thinking,’’ the ally, who described himself as a “friend’’ and “admirer’’ of Cuomo, continued.

The ally, well-known to most Albany insiders in both the Democratic and Republican parties, said US Attorney Bharara’s investigation of Albany corruption that led to the indictment of two leaders of the Legislature earlier this year “badly shook’’ Cuomo because, he said, “nobody on the inside doubts that Bharara’s ultimate target is the governor himself.’’

Cuomo's got not only the Bharara probe to worry about but also plummeting poll numbers and personal issues he's had to deal with (death of father, illness of partner.)

But it appears more and more that it is the Bharara probe that's got him freaking out - and that's really what he should be worried about.

The Albany Project laid out a pretty good theory for what Bharara is doing to get Cuomo.

No wonder Cuomo's freaking out.

So many cooperating witnesses, so many wiretaps, so many good reasons for Cuomo's two amigos to flip on Cuomo.


  1. This all about comeuppance and schadenfreude. There will be little (if any) sympathy for this person who masquerades as our "governor." He rode into office with a chip on his shoulder. Did he EVER extend an invitation to public school educators (administrators and teachers)? No. Instead, educators have been routinely humiliated, belittled, bullied and shafted. The guy is a miserable SOB, hell-bent on destroying NYS public schools. Why? Because we're an easy target. Educators are humanistic by design. Politicians are fakes. They "pretend" and then feed off the power they wield over others.

    Andrew Cuomo's dysfunctional behavior (of late) is nothing more than a manifestation of all the rotten things he has done to others. The guy brought this on himself. Bad people are going to get theirs ... it's just the law of what goes around, eventually comes around. What is truly a sign of the times is that those who by design had once supported Cuomo have now "seen the light." Politicians surround themselves with consultants who help them navigate the court of public opinion. Yet, it is obvious that Cuomo just digs himself a deeper hole. He doesn't know or understand how to be a humanist EXCEPT when it comes to his personal life (and even then, you have to really wonder what goes on inside this guy's head?).

    NYS sits now at the edge of a cliff. Preet Bharara has gotten inside all of Albany's collective corrupt heads. The very process by which those "3 amigos in a room" is now history BECAUSE it was a perfect example of political (and one might suspect) occasionally, illegal wheeling and dealing. This is welcome news because in a surreal way, Cuomo's downfall will signal an end to "business as usual" in the cesspool we call our state capital.

    So, we sit and wait to see what shoe is going to drop next. My prediction is that the end of the legislative session will come with little action. The gov is standing "naked" for all to see and what the public sees, is pretty awful. To this I simply say: you brought ALL of this on yourself, Mr. Governor. Time to suffer the consequences of your misguided and hateful reign. Here's a free piece of advice: go get a dictionary and look up the word, "humble."

  2. May our Reptilian Governor receive the empathy and compassion he's shown to others in his political career...

  3. What remains in Albany from the old corrupt guard needs to pay very close attention to the fate of Silver, Skelos and Cuomo. NO ONE is immune from prosecution. If NYS is going to ever get back on track fighting for it's citizens, the state needs to learn how to fight corruption from within. The life-long politicians in Albany have to see Bharara's hunt as a means of house-cleaning. The political machine must be permanently disabled and a new era of REAL leadership and service to the citizens of New York State must be made priority one. At best, the events of the past year should serve as a cautionary tale for all Albany politicos that no one is above the law. POWER & MONEY CORRUPT! Time to bring down the house.

  4. Karma baby...ultimately you get what you deserve. Cuomo made a number of bad choices...No sympathy for a man who brought this on himself...

  5. The thing is: Even if Cuomo falls, he has situated so many of his sycophants, and their sycophants and other incompetent minions in permanent positions in every State agency that the impact of his maniacal regime will continue to do damage for a very long time. How can his contamination ever be abated?