Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Tenant Advocates Say Cuomo Will Pay For His Sellout

From Politics on the Hudson:

Tenant groups are irate over the four-year tenant control extension agreed to be Gov. Andrew Cuomo and legislative leaders yesterday, saying up to 100,000 rent-regulated apartments could be at risk.
Alliance for Tenant Power, a community group, ripped Cuomo in particular for not pushing for a law that would protect tenants in rent-stabilized apartments.

“Cuomo made empty promises and lied repeatedly while helping the Senate Republicans advance a bill that is a massive giveaway to landlords,” Katie Goldstein, a leader of the Alliance for Tenant Power, said in a statement.

The group and others said the new changes would not provide enough protections from landlord harassment and higher rents.

“Cuomo will suffer big political consequences for his betrayal of tenants and Democrats and for solidifying his status as a Republican Governor,” Goldstein continued.


“This is a bad deal for tenants engineered by Gov. Cuomo and his billionaire-friendly Senate Republicans. We will lose up to 100,000 affordable apartments to deregulation, while the Governor and the Senate Republicans can go back to collecting large campaign checks from billionaire landlords like Leonard Litwin,” said Jonathan Westin, executive director of New York Communities for Change.

Count me as skeptical that “Cuomo will suffer big political consequences for his betrayal of tenants and Democrats and for solidifying his status as a Republican Governor," as Katie Goldstein said yesterday in her statement.

NYC Democrats and liberals have a co-dependent relationship with Cuomo - no matter how badly he screws them, they always seem to come back and cozy up to him one more time.

See the Working Families Party sellout from last year for the textbook example of that.


  1. cuomo chi se dice?? fatiamo faciamo

  2. Channel 7 News just aired this topic. They gave it 17 seconds of air time. Then they switched over to an accident in Staten Island.

  3. Here's hoping the Working Families Party --- and every other Cuomo supporter --- adopts that line from The Who:

    "We won't get fooled again!"

  4. RBE has it right....being skeptical and understanding that NY Dems have a serious daddy issue with Cuomo. Too polite and diplomatic however.
    We are the ones paying the price here for allowing him to get elected and reelected. Period. HE WON AND CONTINUES TO WIN!
    If it weren't for a Federal Attorney sniffing around Albany, Cuomo would basically be doing nothing but win and get everything he wants.

    Lets have clear eyes here please. He won. He will suffer no political consequences. If anyone hasn't noticed, public support and political consequences have been substantially de-linked via Supreme Court decision.

    Duh. We act as if the dude is on political life support. Not at all. He keeps winning the battles for his agenda...pretty much quite strongly.

    Cuomo paying a political price for winning for his agenda....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Joke.