Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, June 1, 2015

Is The De Blasio Public Slam Of Cuomo A Sign That Cuomo Is Soon To Hit The Skids?

The always-perceptive Michael Fiorillo on what de Blasio's pointed public criticism of Cuomo may mean:

De Blasio has been very careful and calculated in his dealings with our Reptilian Governor, and this is in that vein, suggesting that the Mayor has decided that Cuomo is sufficiently wounded and undermined that he can be openly criticized or defied.

Perhaps another sign that The Reptilian One is soon to hit the skids.

One big-time donor to Cuomo is cooperating with the feds (Anthony Bonomo), a lobbyist (Charles Dorego) to Cuomo's biggest donor (Glenwood Management) is cooperating with the feds, Cuomo's point man in Buffalo just had his condo raided last week G. Steven Pigeon) and some in Albany think Dean Skelos is looking for a plea deal in exchange for leniency in sentencing for himself and his son, Adam. That plea deal would most liekly only come in exchange for information on Cuomo.

On top of all of this, Cuomo is at his lowest level in job approval in both the Marist and Siena polls and his favorability has been falling over the past year.

He's taking a steady barrage of attacks for his war on teachers and public schools.

Scheiderman just publicly embarrassed him by pushing for ethics reforms that Cuomo claims he's for but just never gets around to putting any muscle behind.

I wouldn't be ready to write Cuomo off yet, but the Good Ship Cuomo is certainly taking on a lot of water and listing to port.

De Blasio's coming out in public with his criticism of Cuomo does seem to be another sign that Cuomo's ship is sinking.

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