Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Cuomo "Source" Criticizing De Blasio Appears To Be Cuomo Himself

Tell me who this sounds like?

ALBANY — After 18 months in office, Mayor de Blasio still is clueless in his dealings with Albany, a top Cuomo administration official said Wednesday.

"He is more politically oriented in terms of his approach ... and then he makes it almost impossible for him to achieve success," the Cuomo official said.

On mayoral control, De Blasio initially sought to make the law permanent even while knowing the Senate Republicans, who have been feuding with the mayor, had made it clear they were not considering a long-term extender, the source said.

"He kept banging at it and now it's going to be seen as a loss," the Cuomo administration official said.
It didn't help that the mayor misread the support on the issue from the Assembly Democrats, who did not expend much political capital on the issue.

"How did the mayor think he was going to get mayoral control? 'Well the Assembly will support me.' They didn't," the Cuomo source said. "I think he puts himself in these situations."

And on the 421-a tax program:

"He's Mr. Progressive (yet) you just leave out labor. And labor organized in a way that was so effective that even the Republicans sided with organized labor, which I've never seen," the Cuomo official said.

The Cuomo source denied that the governor has gone out of his way to embarrass the mayor at times. Earlier this year, a Cuomo spokeswoman immediately shot down an affordable housing plan the mayor put forward in his state-of-the-city address.

The source said the governor needs to make it clear quickly when a plan is unworkable. “Otherwise you're the one who winds up with the blame" when it doesn't go through, he said.

Check out the rest of the quotes from the Cuomo "source" in the Ken Lovett piece in the Daily News.

The wording, the structure of the sentences, the language used - sure sounds like, well...

Something that Capitol Confidential echoed:

As did the Capital NY Morning Email:

-- An unnamed Cuomo official, with an eerily familiar tendency to ask himself questions and then answer them, told the Daily News that de Blasio doesn’t quite get Albany.

Cuomo supposedly called a bunch of reporters after the "framework" announcement for end-of-the-session business to tout the success of the agreement (which actually hasn't been finalized yet.)

It sounds to me like one of those calls went to Ken Lovett and the governor got very, very, very, very critical of his "friend" Bill de Blasio in the conversation.

It was just 13 months ago that de Blasio secured the Working Families Party nomination for Cuomo, helping the governor avoid a third party challenge in the general election in November 2014.

Cuomo has paid de Blasio back by slapping him at every turn, at times grandstanding over him publicly, at other times leaking negative items to the press anonymously.

In addition, Cuomo has gone out of his way to make sure that de Blasio's political agenda was defeated - and thus de Blasio himself was "defeated" during the legislative session.

It is extraordinary that Cuomo was so open in his criticism of de Blasio, so naked about the "source" of it.

The message from Cuomo to de Blasio is quite clear:

"You thought you had the upper hand last May when you "helped" me with WFP?

@#$% you, Bill.  I have the upper hand always - and I will use it to drive you into the dirt anytime I want."


  1. It did deserve mentioning that Mr. Progressive did sure as hell leave out the teacher segment of labor when constructing his progressive agenda.

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